PRIMERGY Cluster Services Solution (TX600 w/FibreCAT CX500)
Clustering Solution
Fujitsu Siemens Computers
19 Jul 2004

Tested and Approved with the following products:
Operating Systems:
  NetWare® 6.5     eDirectory™ 8.7     Support Pack 2 for NetWare® 6.5

Other Products:
  Novell Cluster Services™ 1.7 

Product Description
The Fujitsu Siemens Computers PRIMERGY FibreChannel Cluster Services solution offers high levels of flexibility, resilience, fault-tolerance and availability. This solution is ideally suited for use with Novell NetWare® 6.5 and Novell Cluster Services? 1.7.

Test Configuration:
Host Bus Adapter:QLogic  QLA2340 / QLA2342 64-Bit PCI-X to 2-Gigabit Fibre Channel Adapter , Bulletin #: 75234
Storage Area Network (SAN) Device:FSC  FibreCAT CX500 , Bulletin #: 71364
Switching System:Brocade Communication Systems, Inc.  Silkworm 3200
System:3 FSC  PRIMERGY TX600 , Bulletin #: 70756
Test Kit:System Test Kit 3.3.14

Config Notes
Each PRIMERGY PC Server system was connected to the FibreCAT SAN Storage Unit using two QLogic QLA2340 HBA controllers, for high availability purposes.

The term Tested and Approved applies only to the exact configuration documented in this bulletin. Components including LAN adapters, host bus adapters and other individually Tested and Approved components may be exchanged for other Tested and Approved components. For more information on swapping Tested and Approved components, please access the following web page:

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