xSeries 255 Type 8685-31X
Network Server
30 Jun 2004

YES CERTIFIED with the following products:
Operating Systems:
  SUSE® Linux 8.0
  SUSE® LINUX Enterprise Server 7 for IA-32
  SUSE® LINUX Enterprise Server 8 for x86

Product Description
xSeries 255 Type 8685-31X

Tested Configuration:
Computer Type:Rack Mount
BIOS:Version 1.00, Date 05/31/02
CPU:4 Intel®  Xeon® MP 1.60 GHz
RAM:1024 MB
Video Adapter:ATI®  Integrated RAGE™ XL
Host Bus Adapter:ServerWorks  Grand Champion™ HE , UltraATA-100
Adaptec®  AIC 7899 Ultra160 , Ultra160 SCSI
Hard Disk Drive:Seagate®  ST318305LC , Ultra160 SCSI
Floppy Type:1.44
Test Kit:SUSE Certification Suite

Config Notes
SLES 7 Certified for Kernel 2.4.18 + Patch-CD2 Kernel 2.4.7 (pre-Patch2): need to mount CDs with explicit spec "-tiso9660" Certified for Kernel 2.4.18 + Patch-CD3 During installation, the installation CD must be mounted manually and the installation be performed from "an available directory" until Patch CD 3 becomes effective.
SLES 8 Valid for: kernel upgrade k_smp-2.4.19-145 from our: Maintenance Web Kernel boot parameter "acpi=oldboot"
SLES 8 - SP1 Certified for Kernel 2.4.19-196-64GB-SMP and Kernel 2.4.19-233-64GB-SMP BIOS: v1.00, Build Level AVE108AUS, dated 05/31/02 Kernel boot parameter "acpi=oldboot"
SLES 8 - SP2 and SP2a BIOS: v1.00, Build Level AVE108AUS , dated 05/31/02 (as before) Kernel boot parameter "acpi=oldboot"

Adapters and Drivers
Broadcom®  Integrated BCM 5703 Gigabit Ethernet Controller
ServerWorks  Grand Champion™ HE
Adaptec®  AIC 7899 Ultra160
ATI®  Integrated RAGE™ XL

The term YES CERTIFIED applies only to the exact configuration documented in this bulletin. Components including LAN adapters, host bus adapters and other individually YES CERTIFIED components may be exchanged for other YES CERTIFIED components. For more information on swapping YES CERTIFIED components, please access the following web page:


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