StorEdge 3300 JBOD
Disk Subsystem Enclosure
Sun Microsystems, Inc.
11 Jun 2004

Tested and Approved with the following products:
Operating Systems:
  NetWare® 5.1

Product Description
Sun StorEdge 3300 JBODs are compact, rack-optimized disk subsystem storage solutions for direct-attached storage (DAS) architectures. This unit can connect either directly to NetWare servers and other servers, or as an expansion chassis for Sun StorEdge 3300 RAID systems. Features: two Ultra160 SCSI host ports; 12 disk drive bays; 5 or 12 disk drives; dual power supplies; 2U (3.5 inches high) enclosure. It provides industry leading 99.9998+ percent uptime and redundant, hot-swappable components including drives, power supplies, fans, and event monitoring units.

Primary Driver File(s):
ADPU320.HAM  ( 215038 bytes   25-Mar-2003 02:50 PM   2.00m)
SCSIHD.CDM  ( 28306 bytes   09-Dec-2003 06:39 PM   3.02c)

Driver Support File(s)
ADPU320.DDI  ( 7083 bytes   14-Mar-2003 02:13 PM   2.0)
SCSIHD.DDI  ( 29164 bytes   22-Oct-2003 02:52 PM   3.00)

Disk Subsystem Enclosure
Product NameStorEdge 3300 JBOD
Interface:Ultra320 SCSI

Test Configuration:
Host Bus Adapter:Adaptec  ASC-39320 Ultra320 SCSI Card , Interface: Ultra320 SCSI , Adapter Bus Type: PCI
System:Dell  PowerEdge 1600SC , BIOS: A09 , Memory: 1024 MB
Test Kit:Diskkit 4.03.33 - 01-20-2004

Config Notes

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