PowerVault 650F
Storage Area Network (SAN) Device
Dell Computer Corporation
17 Jun 2003
Tested and Approved with the following Novell products:
Cluster Services v1.01 for Netware 5.1 NetWare 5.1
Support Pack 6 for NetWare 5.1

Product Description
The Dell PowerVault 650F is a highly available, highly scalable storage system. The 650F supports RAID 0,1,3,5 and 10. For connectivity it uses a Fibre Channel Abritrated Loop (FC-AL) interface. The 650F includes mirrored, battery-backed cache with automatic write cache destaging and intelligent battery conditioning and monitoring of disk. Its modular, scalable design makes expansion easy when storage needs increase. This Dell PowerVault 650F uses SAN components from Dell SAN Update CD ver. 5.2.

Primary Driver File(s)
QL2200.HAM(142266 bytes 13-Nov-2001 05:49 pm v6.50m)
SCSIHD.CDM(25016 bytes 22-Nov-2002 03:57 pm v3.01b)

Driver Support File(s)
QL2200.DDI(19156 bytes 21-Nov-2001 12:58 pm v2.10)
SCSIHD.DDI(7548 bytes 23-Jul-1998 09:23 am v2.00)

Test Configuration
Product NamePowerVault 650F
Host Bus Adapter2 QLogic QLA2200 / QLA2200F - 64-Bit PCI-to-Fibre Channel Adapter; BIOS 1.76; FibreChannel
Storage Area Network (SAN) Device2 Dell™ PowerVault 650F; Firmware 0511; FibreChannel SCSI
Switching System Dell™ Dell PowerVault 51F
System Dell™ PowerEdge 2550 /PIII-1000MHz; BIOS A07

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