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Freedom Storage Lightning 9900 V-series
Hitachi Data Systems Corporation
6 Dec 2002
Tested and Approved with the following Novell products:
NetWare 6

Product Description
The Hitachi Data Systems Freedom Storage Lightning 9900 V-Series 2nd generation RAID storage subsystem offers continuous availability and scalability based on a single architecture that meets enterprise-wide storage requirements in multi-platform environments. The Lightning 9900 V-Series system offers a virtualization assist layer to ease storage management and better utilize resources. Host storage Domains allow host pooling at the logical Unit level, optimizing connectivity and reducing network infrastructure. High availability and reliability are accomplished through RAID 5+ / RAID 1+ implementation, host failover, and alternate path support. The revolutionary Hi-Star fabric architecture provides 64 switched, point-to-point internal paths. From its Hi-Star architecture and its all-fiber, multiple-looped FC-AL back end and disks, to its support for World Wide names and SAN security, the Lightning 9900 is ready to support the largest SANs. The Lightning 9900 V-Series is targeted toward high performance, high availability host environments.

Primary Driver File(s)
QL2300.HAM(151662 bytes 14-Nov-2001 12:48 pm v6.50m)
SCSIHD.CDM(21768 bytes 14-Dec-2001 12:34 pm v3.00e)

Driver Support File(s)
QL2300.DDI(17741 bytes 15-Dec-2001 12:50 pm v2.02)
SCSIHD.DDI(7548 bytes 23-Jul-1998 09:23 am v2.00)

Test Configuration
Product NameFreedom Storage Lightning 9900 V-series
CD-ROM Drive Teac CD-ROM CD-224E; Firmware 3.7D; Enhanced ATA/IDE
Hardware RAID Hitachi Data Systems 9970v; Firmware 21-02-24-00/00; FibreChannel
Host Bus Adapter Adaptec Integrated AIC-7899; PCI; Ultra160 SCSI
Dell Integrated; Enhanced ATA/IDE; Version A05
QLogic QLA2300 / QLA2300F; PCI; BIOS 1.24; FibreChannel
System Dell PowerEdge 2550/ 2-1000MHz ; BIOS A05; PCI-ISA

The term Tested and Approved applies only to the exact configuration documented in this bulletin. For more information regarding the specific test configuration, please contact:

Hitachi Data Systems Corporation
750 Central Expressway
Santa Clara, CA 95050-2627
Voice: 408-970-1000
Fax: 408-727-8036
Website: http://www.hds.com
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