Hewlett-Packard Server tc2100 850
Network Server
Hewlett-Packard Company
26 Nov 2001
Tested and Approved with the following Novell products:
GroupWise(v6) NetWare 5.1
NetWare Small Business Suite 5.1 Novell BorderManager(v3.5)
Novell Distributed Print Services (NDPS)(v2.1) Support Pack 3 for NetWare 5.1

Product Description
The HP Server tc2100 is the easy, entry-level server that is a perfect fit for small businesses that need a reliable file and print server at an affordable price. The HP Server tc2100 starts your small business off on the right track HP, offering Server features at desktop prices. With the lowest price of any server in the broad HP server product line, the HP Server tc2100 positions your business for a smooth transition as your needs evolve.

Test Configuration
Product/Model/RevHewlett-Packard Server tc2100 850 /850M /Rev.
CD-ROM Drive Lite-On LTN-486S; ATA/IDE; Spin Rate 48x
CPU Intel Celeron(tm); 850 MHz
Hard Disk Drive HP P1167A; 18 GB; Ultra3/Ultra160M SCSI LVD
Maxtor DiamondMax Plus 60 ; 39.9 GB; Enhanced ATA/IDE
Host Bus Adapter Adaptec 29160; Ultra3/Ultra160M SCSI
Embedded PCI EIDE; Ultra ATA/IDE (Ultra DMA)
Video Adapter ATi Embedded Rage XL; 4 MB; VGA
Bus Type 5 PCI
Computer TypeTower ATX
Floppy Type1.44 MB
Mother Board RevisionR0F
System Test Kit Version1

Adapters and drivers used in testing
Adapter Driver Type File Name Date Size
Adaptec 29160
NWPA ADPT160M.HAM 03-Dec-1999 04:00 PM140636
Embedded PCI EIDE
NWPA IDEATA.HAM 09-Jun-1999 03:24 PM20417
HP D5013B 10/100 Ethernet Lan
C HSM v1.11 CE100B.LAN 07-Jan-2001 01:29 PM83909
Integrated Intel(R) 82559 LAN chipset
C HSM v1.11 CE100B.LAN 07-Jan-2001 01:29 PM83909
Eicon Technology Corporation EiconCard P92
Communications P92.LAN 11-Nov-1999 12:56 PM68181

The term Tested and Approved applies only to the exact configuration documented in this bulletin. For more information regarding the specific test configuration, please contact:

Hewlett-Packard Company
Email: novell@hp.com
Website: http://www.hp.com