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ProLiant CL380 Pentium(r) III 1000 MHz
Network Server
Compaq Computer Corporation
15 Oct 2001
Tested and Approved with the following Novell products:
Cluster Services v1.01 for Netware 5.1 GroupWise(v5.5)
GroupWise(v6) NetWare(v4.2)
NetWare 5.1 NetWare 6
NetWare Enterprise Web Server(v3.6) Novell BorderManager(v3.5)
Novell Cluster Services 1.6 Novell Distributed Print Services (NDPS)(v2.1)
Support Pack 3 for NetWare 5.1 Support Pack 8a for NetWare 4
eDirectory (v8.6) iPrint/NDPS(v3.0)

Product Description
Making clustering easy and affordable for businesses of all sizes, Compaq has expanded its ProLiant Cluster family with a fully packaged, ready-to-use cluster server, the ProLiant CL380. The CL380 is a uniquely packaged two-node cluster that is designed to simplify clustering for business critical applications. ProLiant CL380 consists of two Compaq server "nodes" and shared storage pre-packaged in a cost-effective, space efficient cabinet giving customers an easy, affordable clustering solution for NetWare.

Test Configuration
Product/Model/RevProLiant CL380 Pentium(r) III 1000 MHz/Rev. A
CD-ROM Drive Compaq 24X Max CD-ROM
CPU2 Intel Pentium(r) III; 1000 MHz
Hard Disk Drive Compaq BB00911CA0; (Attached to each server/node); 9.1 GB; Ultra2SCSI LVD
3 Compaq BB00911CA0; (Attached to Shared Subsystem); 9.1 GB; Ultra2SCSI LVD
Host Bus Adapter Compaq 64-Bit Dual Channel Wide Ultra2SCSI Adapter; PCI (64-bit); Wide Ultra2SCSI
Compaq Integrated Smart Array Controller
Compaq Wide-Ultra SCSI-3 Controller; Wide Ultra3SCSI
Embedded IDE
RAID Controller Adapter2 Compaq CR3500 Shared Storage RAID Controller; BIOS (Included in Shared Storage)
Shared Subsystem Compaq ProLiant CL380 Shared Subsystem
Video Adapter ATI Technologies 3D RAGE IIC
Bus Type 3 PCI
Computer TypeRack Mount
Floppy Type1.44 MB
Mother Board RevisionA
System Test Kit Version2

Product File Specifications
PSM Driver(s):
File Name Version SizeDate
CPQMPK.PSM59967 bytes 22-Jul-1998
CPQMPK.PSM3.1560745 bytes 19-Jul-2001
CPQSMP.PSM2.1835054 bytes 01-Sep-1997

Configuration Note(s)
Unless otherwise noted the above configuration is for each of the two nodes in the ProLiant CL380.

Adapters and drivers used in testing
Adapter Driver Type File Name Date Size
Compaq 64-Bit Dual Channel Wide Ultra2SCSI Adapter
NWPA CPQSCSI.HAM 10-Feb-2000 01:40 AM127833
NWPA CPQSCSI.HAM 18-Jan-2001 01:43 AM127929
Embedded IDE
NWPA IDEATA.HAM 01-Sep-2001 05:11 PM36641
Compaq Integrated Smart Array Controller
NWPA CPQARRAY.HAM 13-Apr-2000 02:08 AM89557
NWPA CPQARRAY.HAM 13-Jul-2001 02:10 AM107764
Compaq Wide-Ultra SCSI-3 Controller
NWPA CPQSCSI.HAM 10-Feb-2000 01:40 AM127833
NWPA CPQSCSI.HAM 18-Jan-2001 01:43 AM127929
Compaq NC3120
32-bit ODI ASM N100.LAN 30-Jul-1999 04:19 AM59348
N100.LAN 20-Apr-2001 02:36 AM108493
Eicon Technology Corporation EiconCard P92
Communications P92.LAN 11-Nov-1999 12:56 PM68181

The term Tested and Approved applies only to the exact configuration documented in this bulletin. For more information regarding the specific test configuration, please contact:

Compaq Computer Corporation
20555 SH 249
Houston, TX, 77070
Website: http://www.compaq.com
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