Armada 7360DMT
Compaq Computer Corporation
15 Apr 1998
Tested and Approved with the following Novell products:
IntranetWare Client for Windows 3.x(v2.2) IntranetWare Client for Windows 95(v2.2)

Product Description
The flexible notebook with the award-winning, innovative designthat fetures 150- 166-, 200- and 233 MHz Intel Pentium (R) pro-cessors with MMX technology and 256 or 512 KB level 2 cache(model dependent). The large 12.1 inch CTFT displays use 800 X 600 or 1024 X 768 resolution, and 64-bit local busgraphics. RAM is expandable to 128 MB and the Li-Ion batterypack provides up to three hours of battery life.

This system was tested with the Novell operating system(s) which were currently shipping as of the test date. System realtime clock and BIOS support Year 2000.

Test Configuration
Product/Model/RevArmada 7360DMT/7360DMT/Rev. A
CPU Intel Pentium(r) with MMX(TM) Technology; 200 MHz
Hard Disk Drive Fujitsu MHA2032AT; 3249.3 KB; IDE
Host Bus Adapter Compaq 32-Bit FAST SCSI-2 Controller
Video Adapter S3 Aurora64V+; Graphics Chip Aurora64V+ ; VGA ; 2 M
Bus Type2 PCMCIA
Computer TypeLapTop
Floppy Type1.44 MB
Mother Board RevisionA
ROM BIOS9/18/97
System Test Kit VersionJ

Adapters and drivers used in testing
Adapter Driver Type File Name Date Size
3Com 3C589D-TP EtherLink III LAN PC Card
32-bit ODI 3C589.LAN 13-Nov-1996 01:36 PM15013

The term Tested and Approved applies only to the exact configuration documented in this bulletin. For more information regarding the specific test configuration, please contact:

Compaq Computer Corporation
P.O. Box 69200
Houston, TX, 77269-2000