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Bravo MS 5166
Network Server
AST Research, Inc.
26 Aug 1997
Tested and Approved with the following Novell products:
IntranetWare NetWare (v3.12)
NetWare SFT III (v4.11)

Product Description
The Bravo MS 5166 features an Intel Pentium 166Mhz processor, Intel 430TX PCI chipset, 2 USB ports, PC97 Compliance, 16 or 32MB SDRAM expandable to 256MB, VESA DPMS compliant, DPM 1.2 compliant, ACPI support, soft off, suspend/resume.

Approved for use as a NetWare Enhanced Security Server (NetWare v4.11)

Test Configuration
Product/Model/RevBravo MS 5166
CPU1 Intel Pentium (tm); 166 MHz
Hard Disk Drive1 Western Digital Caviar 33200; 3200 MB; IDE
Host Bus Adapter Embedded IDE
Embedded IDE
Video Adapter1 ATI Technologies 3D Rage II+; 2 M; SGRAM
Bus Type3 ISA
Computer TypeMini Tower
Floppy Type1.44 MB
Mother Board Revision221655-003
ROM BIOSA S T BIOS Rel. 1.00.25
System Test Kit VersionJ

Configuration Note(s)
For NetWare 3.12 testing, patchkits 312PTB.EXE, CDUP4.EXE, and IDE.EXE were used

Adapters and drivers used in testing
Adapter Driver Type File Name Date Size
Embedded IDE
NetWare 3.12 IDE.DSK 30-Sep-1994 01:18 PM15862
NWPA IDEATA.HAM 02-Jul-1996 09:39 AM14484
Intel EtherExpress(TM) PRO/100B TX PCI LAN Adapter
32-bit ODI E100B.LAN 15-Sep-1995 03:39 PM40781
32-bit ODI E100B.LAN 20-Jun-1996 05:59 PM43313
Microdyne NE2000
32-bit ODI NE2000.LAN 05-Jun-1996 03:07 PM8007
Microdyne NE2000plus-3
32-bit ODI NE2000.LAN 17-Jun-1993 04:53 PM7372
Intel EtherExpress(TM) PRO/100 Smart Adapter
Mirrored Server Link E100SMSL.MSL 26-Jun-1995 03:56 PM49048
Microdyne NW2000 Wide Area Network Adapter
Communications NW2000.LAN 03-Jan-1996 10:49 AM23936

The term Tested and Approved applies only to the exact configuration documented in this bulletin. For more information regarding the specific test configuration, please contact:

AST Research, Inc.
16215 Alton Parkway
Irvine, CA, 92718
Voice: 714 727 4141
Website: http://www.ast.com
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