Sun Fire X2200 M2
Network Server
Sun Microsystems, Inc.
01 Sep 2009

YES CERTIFIED with the following products:
Operating Systems:
  SUSE® LINUX Enterprise Server 9 for AMD64® & Intel® EM64T®     Service Pack 4 for SUSE® SLES 9

Other Products:
  Novell® Open Enterprise Server Support Pack 2 

Product Description
Sun Fire X2200 M2 is a high-performance server that is designed for both enterprise and technical markets.

Tested Configuration:
Computer Type:Rack Mount
Mother Board Revision:P2.0
CPU:2 AMD  Quad-Core Opteron™ Model 2389 2.90GHz
Bus Type:2 PCI Express X8
6 USB Ports
Video Adapter:ASPEED  AST2000
Host Bus Adapter:NVIDIA®  MCP55 Pro , Serial ATA (SATA)
LSI Logic®  SAS1064E PCI-Express Fusion-MPT , Serial SCSI (SAS)
Hard Disk Drive:Hitachi  Hitachi A/H-F65A5-18J4 , Serial ATA (SATA)
CD/DVD:Teac®  DV-28E-V , IDE
USB Keyboard:Sun Type 7
USB Mouse:Sun Type 7
Test Kit:System Certification Kit 6.4.0-0.21

Config Notes
1) SLES-9-SP4(X86_64): System was tested with rev 317 kernel update to solve low memory issues. This update is available from or standard online. The drivers used during testing were included with the 317 kernel update.
2) Install: The SLES install was performed using a network install method.

Adapters and Drivers
Broadcom®  Integrated BCM5715c Gigabit Ethernet Controller
Driver Type: LAN DriverFile Name: tg3.ko
File Date: 28-May-2009File Size: 166288
Checksum: 6fa2154478a582486d68c7f87a7b73af

NVIDIA®  MCP55 Pro Gigabit Ethernet Controller
Driver Type: LAN DriverFile Name: forcedeth.ko
File Date: 28-May-2009File Size: 51128
Checksum: 8e92e8b3cef1c6e6c410343061e55580

Driver Type: HBA DriverFile Name: AMD IDE
File Date: 27-May-2009File Size: 1883985
Checksum: b7e0d321d3d754037307080a54618c23

Driver Type: HBA DriverFile Name: sata_nv.ko
File Date: 28-May-2009File Size: 48248
Checksum: deb534af2949180eef9f57917b71725f

LSI Logic®  SAS1064E PCI-Express Fusion-MPT
Driver Type: HBA DriverFile Name: mptsas.ko
File Date: 28-May-2009File Size: 49456
Checksum: 3cfd601af19dfb9426c18bea0a9e2438

Driver Type: Video DriverFile Name: vesa_drv.o
File Date: 17-Oct-2007File Size: 29563
Checksum: f4331b436a5dea861db95c58ddf5278f

The term YES CERTIFIED applies only to the exact configuration documented in this bulletin. Components including LAN adapters, host bus adapters and other individually YES CERTIFIED components may be exchanged for other YES CERTIFIED components. For more information on swapping YES CERTIFIED components, please access the following web page:

For more information regarding the specific test configuration, please contact:

Sun Microsystems, Inc.
4150 Network Circle
Santa Clara , CA   95054
Voice: 1-650-960-1300