Integrity BL860c Server Blade
Network Server
Hewlett Packard Company
20 Jan 2009

YES CERTIFIED with the following products:
Operating Systems:
  SUSE® LINUX Enterprise Server 10 for Intel® Itanium® Processor     Service Pack 2 for SUSE® SLES 10

Product Description
Blade module for C7000 enclosure. Please see for product details.

Tested Configuration:
Computer Type:Blade Module
Mother Board Revision:A3
BIOS:04.11 10/20/2008
CPU:2 Intel®  Dual-Core Itanium® Processor 9140M 1.66 GHz
Bus Type:2 USB Ports
Video Adapter:ATI®  ES1000
Host Bus Adapter:LSI Logic®  LSISAS 1068 , Serial SCSI (SAS)
Hard Disk Drive:2 HP  DG072A3315 72GB SAS 10K , Serial SCSI (SAS)
CD/DVD:LG Electronics Ltd.  GSA-U10N , USB
Test Kit:System Certification Kit 6.3.0-0.5

Config Notes
Two USB ports are made available through the front local I/O connector via cable that ships with the blade server or the enclosure.

Adapters and Drivers
ATI®  ES1000
Driver Type: Video DriverFile Name:
File Date: 21-Apr-2008File Size: 650032
Checksum: 3448d3aac0b48431c3fbf0692228bf3c

4 Broadcom®  Integrated BCM 5704s Gigabit Ethernet Controller
Driver Type: LAN DriverFile Name: tg3.ko
File Date: 06-May-2008File Size: 829424
Checksum: aeff0ba797522d3f75c9ff80ef764a97

LSI Logic®  LSISAS 1068
Driver Type: HBA DriverFile Name: mptsas.ko
File Date: 06-May-2008File Size: 614064
Checksum: 6825b4738ca3b2b956bcd5526250c329

The term YES CERTIFIED applies only to the exact configuration documented in this bulletin. Components including LAN adapters, host bus adapters and other individually YES CERTIFIED components may be exchanged for other YES CERTIFIED components. For more information on swapping YES CERTIFIED components, please access the following web page:

For more information regarding the specific test configuration, please contact:

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