Course 8417

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11: Bash Scripting with Control Structures and Regular Expressions

Enterprise-level scripting requires a firm grasp on control structures and modular programming. In this course, you are thoroughly trained in the core concepts of programming intelligence into bash scripts. The course content is advanced material that works well with other Advanced SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 technical training courses.

During this course, you learn the following bash script concepts and skills:

  • IF and CASE branches
  • FOR and WHILE loops

Appropriate use of each of these topics is covered to help your reach your full Bash scripting potential.

Audience Summary

This course is designed for system administrators, engineers, and power users.

Course Prerequisites

You should have taken the SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11: Introduction to the Bash Scripting Environment (8412) and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11: Fundamentals of Bash Scripting (8416) courses, or have equivalent workplace experience.

Course Outline

SECTION 1: Introduction to Bash Control Structures

  • Objective 1: Understand Control Structures
  • Objective 2: Bash Control Structure Grammar
  • Objective 3: Control Structure Types
  • Objective 4: Control Structures: Master the Hands-on Method

SECTION 2: Bash Looping Control Structures

  • Objective 1: Looping Control Structures Types
  • Objective 2: FOR
  • Objective 3: WHILE and UNTIL
  • Objective 4: SELECT
  • Objective 5: Best Practice

SECTION 3: Bash Decision-Making Control Structures

  • Objective 1: Decision-Making Control Structures Types
  • Objective 2: IF
  • Objective 3: CASE
  • Objective 4: Best Practice

SECTION 4: Advanced Script Control

  • Objective 1: Introduction to Script Control
  • Objective 2: Breaking Out of Scripts
  • Objective 3: Signal Trapping
  • Objective 4: Managing Script Options
  • Objective 5: Troubleshooting

SECTION 5: Using Regular Expressions in Bash Scripts

  • Objective 1: Introduction to Regular Expressions
  • Objective 2: Using Regular Expressions in the Vim Editor
  • Objective 3: Data Stream Manipulation with GREP
  • Objective 4: Data Stream Manipulation with SED

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