Course 8416

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11: Fundamentals of Bash Scripting

In this course, you learn about the effective use of Bash in Linux for both interactive and scripted advanced system administration. Effective working code samples are provided with the course for reference.

During this course, you learn the following Bash concepts and skills:

  • Interpreter syntax
  • Execution environment components
  • Bash shell behavior
  • Bash scripting (such as quotation and expansion)
  • Simple control structures and functions

Audience Summary

This course is designed for system administrators, engineers, and power Linux users.

Course Prerequisites

You must either take the SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11: Introduction to the Bash Scripting Environment (8412) course, or have strong skills in the following areas:

  • The Gnome desktop
  • The gnome-terminal application
  • The Vim editor

Course Outline

SECTION 1: Bash Internals

  • Objective 1: Bash Command Line Interpreter Components
  • Objective 2: Bash Syntax Definitions
  • Objective 3: Reserved Words, Quoting and Comments
  • Objective 4: Bash Shell Grammar
  • Objective 5: Parameters, Variables and Command Substitution
  • Objective 6: Bash Builtin Commands
  • Objective 7: Bash Builtins: Use Examples
  • Objective 8: Using Tests in Bash Scripts

SECTION 2: Linux Data Manipulation Tools

  • Objective 1: Limits of the Bash Interpreter
  • Objective 2: The Coreutils Software Package
  • Objective 3: The Util-Linux Software Package
  • Objective 4: Other Powerful Linux Tools to Use in Scripting

SECTION 3: Bash Execution Behavior

  • Objective 1: Bash Command Line General Execution
  • Objective 2: Command Line Expansion
  • Objective 3: Bash Execution Behavior

SECTION 4: Bash Script Writing

  • Objective 1: Creating Your First Bash Script
  • Objective 2: Simple Script Debugging Techniques
  • Objective 3: Teaching Yourself to Script

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