SUSE Certified Linux Engineer 11

Test Objectives

Course 3107: SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 Networking Services

  1. Configure Networking on SLES 11
  2. Understand Linux Network Bridges
  3. Bond Network Adapters
  4. Configure Virtual Local Area Networks
  5. Manage SCSI Devices on Linux
  6. Describe how Fibre Channel SANs Work
  7. Implement a SAN with iSCSI
  8. Understand Virtualization Technology
  9. Implement SLES 11 as a Xen Host Server
  10. Implement SLES 11 as a Xen Guest
  11. Describe Server Hardening
  12. Harden a SLES 11 Server
  13. Harden Servers with AppArmor
  14. Implement an IDS
  15. Describe How SMT Works
  16. Install and Configure an SMT Server
  17. Configure SMT Client Systems
  18. Stage Repositories
  19. Design a Backup Strategy
  20. Use Linux Tools to Create Backups
  21. Implement Multipath I/O
  22. Document the Server
  23. Monitor Log Files with logwatch
  24. Monitor Network Hosts with Nagios

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Note: Test objectives are subject to change without notice.