SLES 12 to 15 Certification Update Exam

PLEASE NOTE: This exam will be retired on 30 April, 2024

Candidates who currently hold either an SCA or SCE in Enterprise Linux 12 are able to take one update exam to update their certification(s) to version 15. Candidates who have only an SCA will receive an updated SCA in Enterprise Linux 15, and those candidates with an SCE in Enterprise Linux 12 will receive the corresponding version 15 certification.

Exam Information

Study Options

As with all SUSE certifications, course work is not required. You need to pass this certification exam and meet the prerequisites in order to achieve the certification. We highly recommend you study the objectives and prepare for the exam.

Detailed Objectives

  • Evolution of Operating Systems
  • Multimodal
  • Unified Installer
  • Modular+
  • Package Handling
  • chrony
  • firewalld
  • Unified Installer
  • Extensions and Modules
  • AutoYaST
  • chrony
  • Firewalld
  • Linux Kernel 4.12
  • openSSL 1.1
  • Wayland
  • YaST Partitioner
  • SDK
  • Scripting Language Versions
  • Repository Management Tool (RMT)
  • Available Upgrade Paths
  • SLE 15 Product Life Cycle
  • Preparing for an Upgrade



This is a certification update exam, so to receive the SCA and/or SCE in Enterprise Linux 15 certification, you must have at least one of the certifications for Enterprise Linux 12.

  • SCA in SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12  AND/OR
  • SCE in SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12


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Core Exam Details

Cost: $99

Exam Type: Question based; 45 questions

Code: update_sles15 (previously 050-753)

Exam Length: You have 60 minutes to complete the exam

Scoring: The passing score is 70%

Retake Policy: If you do not pass the exam, you must wait 72 hours before you can schedule and take the exam again