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CloudCasa 1.0

CloudCasa is a simple, scalable, and inexpensive cloud backup service for protecting your Rancher-managed Kubernetes clusters. CloudCasa does all the hard work of protecting your clusters and stateful applications for you. CloudCasa is a cloud-native platform, built using Kubernetes for protecting Kubernetes and cloud applications. It supports all leading Kubernetes distributions and managed services.

Get started by installing the CloudCasa agent on your clusters from the Rancher Apps & Marketplace. During development, use our free service tier to protect and recover your cluster resource data and create and manage snapshots of your persistent volumes. CloudCasa has no limits on the number of snapshots, worker nodes or clusters. Your resources and persistant data are always encrypted and retained for free for 30 days on secure storage. Upgrade to our low-cost premium service to back up your persistent volumes and even your cloud databases to our secure cloud storage.

CloudCasa is backed by Catalogic Software, a proven data management company with over 20+ years in the industry.

  • Category Other Development and Deployment, Storage Software, System and Network Management Software
  • Industry Cross-Industry
  • Language English
  • Region North America
  • Compatibility
  • Platform Rancher
  • Hardware Architecture x86-64
  • Certification Rancher Ready