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Mentol Pro v.5

Mentol Pro® is a software solution for Unified Communications network performance monitoring, call quality, VoIP troubleshooting and call accounting. Mentol Pro® provides complete, end-to-end visibility across Unified Communications network supporting complex multi-vendor environment including Cisco, Avaya and Unify.  The solution collects data and gives a visual representation of actionable voice performance information on the single monitoring console. Centralized collection and storage of information allow to monitor PBX status (full details for gateways, port networks, boards, trunks & route patterns) and to overview call details and usage data.
Mentol Pro® is a flexible and multifunctional monitoring and management system for Unified Communications. The solution collects data from key vendors platforms, including Avaya, Unify and Cisco, and provides information to the user through convenient and up-to-date reporting and analytics.

. Unified monitoring console
. Real-time access to data, including:  
•	Status of gateways, port networks, boards, trunks and route patterns.
•	Status of CPU, memory, Hard disk drives.
•	Error logs.
•	Call details.
. Analysis of voice service quality using key metrics.
. Full visibility over the UC network. 
. UC Optimization and troubleshooting. 
. Call accounting and billing. 
. Costs allocation.
. Convenient notification system and alerting.
  • Category Operations and Manufacturing Applications
  • Industry Information & Communication Technology
  • Compatibility
  • Platform SLES 12
  • Hardware Architecture x86
  • Certification SUSE Ready
  • Platform SLES 12
  • Hardware Architecture x86-64
  • Certification SUSE Ready