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Static Reviewer

Static Reviewer is the SAST (Static Analysis Security Testing) part of Security Reviewer suite, built on top of the lessons learned through hundreds of thousands of scans performed since 2001, constantly evolving to match new technologies and threats. It is guided by the largest and most comprehensive set of secure coding rules and supports a wide array of languages, platforms, build environments and integrated development environments (IDEs). Compliant with: OWASP, CWE, CVE, CVSS, MISRA, CERT. The Rule Engine with its internal multi-threaded, optimized state machine based on Dynamic Syntax Tree, is the fastest in the market. It does not need any internal or external DBMS to run, and it is fully extensible via XML. Its unique capability to reconstruct an intended layering, makes it an invaluable tool for discovering the architecture of a vulnerability that has been injected in the source code, with very rare cases of False Positives.


Static Reviewer 5.0

  • Platform SLED 15, SLES 15, SLED 12, SLES 12
  • Hardware Architecture x86-64
  • Certification SUSE "Ready" Verified
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