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NGINX Plus Ingress Controller

NGINX Ingress Controller is a best-in-class traffic management solution for cloud-native apps in Kubernetes and containerized environments. In a CNCF survey, nearly two-thirds of respondents reported using the NGINX Ingress Controller, more than all other controllers combined – and NGINX Ingress Controller has been downloaded more than 10 million times on DockerHub. Combining the speed and performance of NGINX with the trust and security behind the power of F5, NGINX Ingress Controller is synonymous with high-performing, scalable, and secure modern apps in production. Our Kubernetes solutions are platform-agnostic and include the three components you need to enable production-grade Kubernetes: NGINX Ingress Controller as the ingress-egress tier, NGINX App Protect as the WAF, and NGINX Service Mesh as the east-west tier.


NGINX Plus Ingress Controller 1.9.1

  • Platform Rancher, SLE Micro
  • Hardware Architecture x86-64
  • Certification SUSE "Ready" Verified
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