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A workload in this context is the total amount of processing that a business or individual computer is doing at any given time. Workload automation simplifies the management of all these business processes, transactions, and tasks. It uses software to schedule, start, run and manage a wide variety of tasks that are part of the computing workload. This means that processing can take place without human intervention, and eliminates the need to work around network limitations and high usage times.

With workload automation, an organization can manage business processes across mainframes, clusters, virtual and cloud environments. It reduces the turnaround time for different workflows by preventing errors and streamlining the execution of end-to-end business processes. Without workload automation many tasks had to wait for batch processing that was typically run at night.

Workload automation is an important component of virtualized and cloud computing environments, since it enables the management of different systems with a wide range of workloads.