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JeOS is an acronym for Just Enough Operating System and is pronounced like “juice.”  It refers to a stripped-down operating system (OS) that only has the parts needed to support a specific application such as a software appliance, plus any of the components that are packaged with the appliance.  Because they don’t contain any extraneous components, JeOS appliances are smaller, faster, and more secure than ones that use a full OS, and by configuring the JeOS and app together in one package a lot of installation issues can be prevented.

JeOS builds are used by software developers to create virtual appliances, which are just virtual machine (VM) image files that have a preconfigured OS and one application.  Using JeOS as the preconfigured OS simplifies this process.  JeOS also makes it easy to quickly create an image in a virtual data center or private cloud, and to ensure that hundreds of VM images are built according to standard.  JeOS builds are also ideal for use in embedded systems.

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server JeOS is a slimmed down version of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server that is ready to run in both cloud and virtualization environments such as VMware, Hyper-V, KVM and Xen.  It provides server images for KVM/Xen Fully Virtualized, Xen Paravirtualized, Microsoft Hyper-V, and VMware.