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Backup-as-a-Service (BaaS), also called cloud backup, or managed backup service, is a method of outsourcing the backup, storage and recovery of important systems and files to a cloud service provider (CSP).   This approach relieves an organization of the burden of handling their own backup and recovery processes with their on-premises IT department and is much easier to manage than other offsite services.  Typical offsite data storage involves rotating and managing tapes or hard disks at a remote location.  With a BaaS solution, all of the maintenance and management is turned over to the provider, who connects the client’s IT systems to a private, public or hybrid cloud managed by the CSP.

BaaS does present some issues that may inhibit some companies from being able to use it for all of their systems and files.  For example, compliance regulations may control the data you can store in the cloud.  Security concerns such as access control lists and role-based authentication may be factors that prevent you from handing over your files to a BaaS provider.  And there may be some cross-platform compatibility issues lurking in the files you want to back up.

However, BaaS does offer many significant benefits and can play an important role in your disaster recovery strategy.  For example, a BaaS solution does not require any upfront infrastructure investment, or additional training.  You are able to choose from among different levels of managed services, to control your costs, and you will have guaranteed SLAs and support (based on the level of service you choose).  Your data will be encrypted and stored in secure data centers on enterprise grade equipment.  Once it is set up, your data will be automatically saved as it streams in, without your team having to save and track it.  And many BaaS providers offer multiple levels of redundancy, which means that multiple copies of your data will be stored in locations that are independent of each other, to safeguard against regional disasters.