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Error when performing a "spacewalk-service status" or "rcjabberd status" (7014921) TID
15 Apr 2014 ...SUSE Manager 1.7 When running a 'spacewalk-service status' or a 'rcjabberd status' the following error is being displayed: Checking for service router rc_status:

Necessary changes in SUSE Manager to point to a different external Oracle database (7014814) TID
31 Mar 2014 ...SUSE Manager 1.7 external Oracle database The SUSE Manager database was moved to a different Oracle host and now the local settings need to get adjusted to

Unable to run Service Pack Migration for SLED 11 SP2 with cloned channels (7014570) TID
24 Feb 2014 ...SUSE Manager 1.7 When trying to schedule a Service Pack migration for SLED 11 SP2 clients to SP3, the cloned target channels are not available in the drop down menu

Suse Doc: Reference Guide - Systems Documentation
27 Jan 2014 ...4.4 Systems. If you click the Systems tab on the top navigation bar, the Systems category and links appear. Here you can select systems to perform actions on them and create System Profiles. 4.4.1 Overview — [Mgmt]. The Overview page

Suse Doc: Reference Guide - Users — [Mgmt] Documentation
27 Jan 2014 ...4.10 Users — [Mgmt]. Only SUSE Manager administrators can see the Users tab on the top navigation bar. If you click the tab, the Users category and links appear. Here you grant and edit permissions for those who administer your

Suse Doc: Reference Guide - Managing VM Guests Documentation
27 Jan 2014 ...8.2 Managing VM Guests. Basic VM Guest management actions such as restarting or shutting down a virtual machine as well as changing the CPU and memory allocation can be carried out from the SUSE Manager Web interface when the following

Suse Doc: Reference Guide - Integrating SUSE Studio Onsite Appliances into SUSE Manager Documentation
27 Jan 2014 ...8.3 Integrating SUSE Studio Onsite Appliances into SUSE Manager. SUSE Manager allows you to integrate your appliances built with SUSE Studio Onsite and to create virtual hosts based on one of your appliances. The guest can be started, stopped, resumed.

Suse Doc: Reference Guide - Admin Documentation
27 Jan 2014 ...4.12 Admin. The Admin page allows SUSE Manager customers to manage the basic configuration, including creating and managing multiple organizations. Only the SUSE Manager administrator can access the Admin page. 4.12.1 Admin > Organizations. The multiple organizations feature allows administrators

Suse Doc: Reference Guide - Overview Documentation
27 Jan 2014 ...4.3 Overview. After logging into the Web interface of SUSE Manager, the first page to appear is Overview This page contains important information about your systems, including summaries of system status, actions, and patch alerts. NOTE: If you are new

Suse Doc: Reference Guide - Overview Command Line Tools Documentation
27 Jan 2014 ...D.1 Overview Command Line Tools. Table D-1 Command Line Tools. Client registration tool. sm-register. mgr-register. Synchronization tool. satellite-sync. mgr-ncc-sync. Channel configuration tool. rhncfg-manager. mgrcfg-manager. Client configuration tool. rhncfg-client. mgrcfg-client. SUSE Manager service tool. rhn-satellite. spacewalk-service. Package installer. system-config-packages. yast