Images not syncing in a slow environment

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SUSE Manager for Retail 4.2
SUSE Manager for Retail 4.1


In a SUSE Manager for Retail environment, images fail to download, showing the following error (adapt hostnames and image names):

Comment: An exception occurred in this state: Traceback (most recent call last): File "/usr/lib/python3.6/site-packages/salt/", line 2187, in call *cdata["args"], **cdata["kwargs"] File "/usr/lib/python3.6/site-packages/salt/", line 2113, in wrapper return f(*args, **kwargs) File "/var/cache/salt/minion/extmods/states/", line 70, in image_synced bundle = _download_bundle(image_data) File "/var/cache/salt/minion/extmods/states/", line 37, in _download_bundle return __salt__['cp.get_url'](image_data['sync']['bundle_url'], source_hash=image_data['sync'].get('bundle_hash')) File "/usr/lib/python3.6/site-packages/salt/modules/", line 388, in get_url path, dest, makedirs, saltenv, source_hash=source_hash File "/usr/lib/python3.6/site-packages/salt/", line 766, in get_url raise MinionError("Error: {} reading {}".format(query["error"], url)) salt.exceptions.MinionError: Error: HTTP 599: Timeout during request reading

This might be observed specially when the image grows in size, which can happen when adding modules to it.


The following salt state helps modifying and applying a reconfiguration of the salt minion:

    - contents:
      - "http_request_timeout: 4900.0"

    - name: sleep 5 && systemctl restart salt-minion
    - bg: True
    - require:
      - file: /etc/salt/minion.d/http_timeout.conf

The file should be saved as /srv/salt/set_connection_timeout.sls (or any other convenient name) on the salt master (SUSE Manager). This will add the configuration file to the minion configuration and then only a restart of the salt minion would be needed.

The state can be easily applied to the branch server (SUSE Manager Proxy) by running from the master:

salt $branchserver state.apply set_connection_timeout

As commented before, a restart of the minion would be needed (to be run from the branch server, which is a SUSE Manager Proxy):

systemctl restart salt-minion.service


Maximum download time for image sync process is 1 hour per image download by default.
In case of large images and/or slow network, the parameter http_request_timeout should be increased.
As this needs to be done on the minion, a salt state is the most convenient approach.
In this example the parameter was increased to 4900 (seconds), but obviously the value to avoid a timeout and solve the issue can be adjusted as needed.


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