Spacewalk Entitlement Certificate expiration date extension

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SUSE Manager 1.7
SUSE Manager 2.1


The Spacewalk Entitlement Certificate expires end of 2015-07-13 00:00:00.

Any update action run on a client connected to the SUSE Manager will report an error. For example a "rhn_check":

# rhn_check Could not retrieve action item from server <RetryServer for susemanger.domain/XMLRPC>
Error code: -3006
Error Message:
   SUSE Manager Certificate has expired
Error Class Code: 3006
Error Class Info: Invalid SUSE Manager certificate
    An error has occurred while processing your request. If this problem
    persists please enter a bug report at
    If you choose to submit the bug report, please be sure to include
    details of what you were trying to do when this error occurred and
    details on how to reproduce this problem


Please patch your system to the latest provided state (>= susemanager-2.1.18-0.7.2).

You will find the new script "/usr/lib/susemanager/bin/" after the update.

Important: The script does not work if one or more systems are still in the "bootstrapped" state (check that on the Web-Interfact -> Admin -> Subscriptions -> System Entitlements -> "Usage" count in Bootstrap line). That happens if a system has booted in PXE and have been registered but not yet been provisioned. Make sure to remove these systems first.

Note: Please make sure to run "mgr-sync refresh" before executing the script (mgr-ncc-sync if the SUSE Manager is still looking at NCC).
Running this refresh might result in an error but it is needed to login to SUSE Manager as needed by the script.

There is three possible prompts that might be encountered after having run the script:  "/usr/lib/susemanager/bin/" after the update:

  • ##### Your spacewalk certificate is up-to-date.#####

  • ##### Update successfully finished.#####

  • ##### Update failed.#####

In case you get the message "Update successfully finished" you will have to run "mgr-sync refresh" again.

The update will fail if there is more than one organization setup and if entitlements are shared across a second/third/etc. organization.

The number of entitlements per row on the organization entitlement page can not exceed 19,999 within a secondary organization. This bug occurs due to an incompatibility with SUSE subscriptions counting and the old spacewalk certificate.

As a work around please log-in to the SUSE Manager Web Interface and complete the following procedure:

  1. Select the Admin tab
  2. On the admin page under the organization column select Secondary Organization
  3. Click the Subscriptions tab
  4. Under System Entitlements re-allocate the number of entitlements to a number as low as possible for each entitlement in the Proposed Total column.
  5. Select Update Organization
  6. Re-run the update tool with: /usr/lib/susemanager/bin/

The prompt should now be: ##### Update successfully finished #####

It is now possible to re-allocate the original required entitlements on the web admin entitlements page.

Note: We highly recommend to run this script even if your system has been regularly updated to ensure the current entitlements remain active past July 2015


Additional Information

Please note that while running the "" script the default organization will be renamed. Please follow TID7016648 to change the name as needed.

Also we have heard of situations where client systems have lost their base channel during this operation. In this case you will have to open the Web-Interface go to the "Systems" tab and select all systems. Use the the "Manager" button in the upper right corner and re-assign the correct base channels to the systems.
If you experience problems doing this please contact the SUSE Customer Care support team directly by opening a Service Request.


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