How to sync SUSE Manager via SMT

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SUSE Manager 1.7


As of susemanager-tools-1.7.28-0.5.2 the mgr-ncc-sync command provides the option --from-mirror which eases the possibility to sync a SUSE Manager from repositories which already exist on a SMT 11 SP3 server. The idea of this scenario is to have a backup system that can act as backup package repository in case the SUSE Manager encounters a severe condition and needs to be setup from scratch. This article will explain the needed settings and procedure.


mgr-ncc-sync allows syncing a SUSE Manager from a SMT in two modes, temporary by using the command
mgr-ncc-sync --from-mirror http://smtfqdn -c channelname
mgr-ncc-sync --from-mirror -c sles11-sp3-updates-x86_64
or statically by using the option
server.susemanager.mirror = http://smtfqdn
in /etc/rhn/rhn.conf. In both cases mgr-ncc-sync will fetch the needed account information directly from so the necessary network ports as stated in the documentation ( need to be kept open. In both cases mgr-ncc-sync will update the URLs to the SMT server in the SUSE Manager database accordingly. If mgr-ncc-sync --from-mirror was invoked earlier but next time run without --from-mirror, the URLs in the database are restored to their default values.

To accept the SMT-SSL certificate, download it from the SMT server (http://smtfqn/smt.crt), copy it to /etc/ssl/certs and run
to rebuild the links for the given certificates in /etc/ssl/certs.

In case a configured channel is not available on the SMT server, SUSE Manager will keep the original values and download the packages directly from the closest available mirror.

Additional Information

Running a mgr-ncc-sync without --from-mirror but specified SMT server in /etc/rhn/rhn.conf:

Sync started: Fri May 16 09:27:17 2014
['/usr/bin/spacewalk-repo-sync', '--channel', 'sles11-sp3-updates-x86_64', '--type', 'yum', '--non-interactive']
Repo URL:$RCE/SLES11-SP3-Updates/sle-11-x86_64/
Packages in repo:              1386
Packages already synced:       1002
Packages to sync:                18
1/18 : kvm-1.4.2-0.11.1-0.x86_64
2/18 : pam-32bit-1.1.5-0.12.1-0.x86_64
3/18 : pam-doc-1.1.5-0.12.1-0.x86_64
4/18 : pam-1.1.5-0.12.1-0.x86_64
5/18 : libsoftokn3-3.16-0.8.1-0.x86_64
6/18 : libfreebl3-3.16-0.8.1-0.x86_64
7/18 : mozilla-nss-tools-3.16-0.8.1-0.x86_64
8/18 : mozilla-nss-3.16-0.8.1-0.x86_64
9/18 : MozillaFirefox-branding-SLED-24-0.7.36-0.x86_64
10/18 : mozilla-nss-32bit-3.16-0.8.1-0.x86_64
11/18 : MozillaFirefox-translations-24.5.0esr-0.8.1-0.x86_64
12/18 : MozillaFirefox-24.5.0esr-0.8.1-0.x86_64
13/18 : libfreebl3-32bit-3.16-0.8.1-0.x86_64
14/18 : libsoftokn3-32bit-3.16-0.8.1-0.x86_64
15/18 : microcode_ctl-1.17-102.72.1-0.x86_64
16/18 : lxc-0.8.0-0.21.6-0.x86_64
17/18 : timezone-2014c-0.3.1-0.x86_64
18/18 : timezone-java-2014c-0.3.1-0.noarch
Repo$RCE/SLES11-SP3-Updates/sle-11-x86_64/ has 283 patches.
Add Patch timezone-2014c-9244
Add Patch pam-9119
Add Patch lxc-9084
Add Patch MozillaFirefox-201404-9185
Add Patch microcode_ctl-9196
Add Patch kvm-9142
Sync completed.
Total time: 0:00:45


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