Corrupt repository in SMT database

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Subscription Management Tool (SMT) for SUSE Linux Enterprise 11 1.1
Subscription Management Tool (SMT) for SUSE Linux Enterprise 11


Corruption in the SMT database.
It is only effecting one repository.
Other SMT servers are unable to duplicate the problem.
For this specific issue the "SLE11-POS-SP1-Updates" repository was having a problem in the "Staging" tab of "SMT Management" Yast module.  Specifically they could not put check marks in the"Testing" column.


The following instructions will remove a repository from the SMT database and add it back in.
The procedure will be shown by using the "SLE11-POS-SP1-Updates" (i586) repository as example.

Before doing this please run "smt-ncc-sync" and make sure that it comes back without errors.

1. Get the Repository ID
  smt repos -v SLE11-POS-SP1-Updates

/srv/www/htdocs/repo # smt repos -v SLE11-POS-SP1-Updates
[ ] [  1] SLE11-POS-SP1-Updates sle-11-i586
          (SLE11-POS-SP1-Updates for sle-11-i586)
          Repository ID: dcbdca1d0cc603b26fc2af0f2e33faeff53711e6
          Staging  : N
          Assigned to product: sle-pos 11.1 
[ ] [  2] SLE11-POS-SP1-Updates sle-11-x86_64
          (SLE11-POS-SP1-Updates for sle-11-x86_64)
          Repository ID: bea54b0db3c9630debf96f8c57f02f2f2597f94d
          Staging  : N
          Assigned to product: sle-pos 11.1 

2. Delete the repository:
  smt-setup-custom-repos --delete {Repository ID}

/srv/www/htdocs/repo # smt-setup-custom-repos --delete dcbdca1d0cc603b26fc2af0f2e33faeff53711e6
Really delete the following repositories:
 dcbdca1d0cc603b26fc2af0f2e33faeff53711e6:SLE11-POS-SP1-Updates sle-11-i586
[y/n] y
1 repositories removed.

3. Delete any mirrored/testing/staging data for the the SLE11-POS-SP1-Updates repository. 
Anything under the "/srv/www/htdocs/repo/(SMT repository location)" that has to deal with this specific repository should be deleted. 
You may have to use the "find" command to make sure you have everything. 
  find /srv/www/htdocs/repo/ -name SLE11-POS-SP1-Updates

server:/usr/sbin # find /srv/www/htdocs/repo/ -name SLE11-POS-SP1-Updates

Delete these paths with "rm -r {path from find command}".  If the path contains "$RCE" it needs to escaped as "\$RCE"

4. Readd the repository


/srv/www/htdocs/repo # smt-ncc-sync
Downloading Product information
Downloading Target information
Downloading repository information
Downloading Product/Repository relations
Downloading Subscription information
Downloading Registration information
Flagged repositories which can be mirrored
* New mirrorable repository 'SLE11-POS-SP1-Updates sle-11-i586' .

The "New mirrorable repository" message indicates the repository was successfully readded to the SMT and can now be mirrored again.


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  • Creation Date: 23-Aug-2011
  • Modified Date:03-Mar-2020
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