Troubleshooting YaST Online Update (YOU)

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Novell SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9
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YaST Online Update - YOU


Error: Failed Login
Unable to Authenticate or Run YOU
Troubleshooting YaST Online Update (YOU) Authentication


Most common issues

Sometimes you can just try YOU again later, and it will work.

Check to make sure you have free disk space on the partition YOU saves patches to (/var usually, if it's a separate partition).

Register your product

You need a registration associated with a username / password. Login to, (currently redirects you to a registration), create a username and password, update your registration code.

If you did register at, make sure the Patch Support Database, Versions/Products shows your registration information.

If you registered through, make sure you can download SUSE patches for your product from

First Update

After starting Yast Online Update please log in with your portal username and password. SLES 8 is a bit confusing, because the dialog here says "Code" instead of portal username. Use the same username and password you used at (or portal username / password).

During your first access attempt, YaST2 Online Update accepts any username and password, because it just downloads and installs updates to YOU itself. This is not a complete update. Once this pass is complete, close Yast2 completely and then repeat the online update. On this second pass all current patch rpms will be installed. After all current patches have been updated it is recommended you restart all services, or reboot your system. Reboot is required if a kernel update was performed.

Update fails when using

For SLES 9, see TID 10099924.
For SLES 8, see TID 10099973.

If the server is behind a proxy

The YaST2 Online Update (YOU) needs a direct connection to the Internet. If you connect via a proxy, this must be configured first:

* Open /etc/wgetrc with an editor of your choice.
* Enter this line:

http_proxy = http://your_proxy:port/

your_proxy stands for the name of your proxy machine and port is the port number to which the proxy listens on the proxy machine.

In case you need to authenticate against your proxy, insert user name and password in/etc/wgetrc, too:


Do not forget to enter the HTTP proxy to use instead of an FTP proxy. Patches are always downloaded via HTTP, not via FTP.

Also, go into YaST -> Network Services -> Proxy, and put in the proxy information in there as well. This is settings for a proxy client, not a proxy server.

On SLES9, look at /etc/sysconfig/proxy, and make sure all needed values are set. Often the HTTPS_PROXY does not get set, in which case you may need to manually edit that file to set it.

Test updating outside of YaST

To test if your portal access and downloads are working outside of YaST, see Testing YaST Online Update username / password independent of YaST Online Update

Investigate corrupt files

One possibility for this scenario is corrupt configuration files. A quick possible fix is to move the files (not the folders) in /var/lib/YaST2/you to another location, and try the update again. These files will be recreated automatically.

Another place corruption can occur is in the files that direct YOU to the appropriate patches for the product. These are found in /var/adm/YaST/ProdDB. If you have another server that is the same version (ie, SLES9 == SLES9, but SLES8 != SLSS8), you can try replacing the files.

Less common problems

Make sure there is adequate space in/varor /var/lib/YaST2 so that patches can be downloaded properly. If there is not sufficient space, the update will fail.

If all else fails, start YOU from the commandline with extra debugging:

# export Y2SLOG_DEBUG=1; yast2 online_update

and create a service request with the following files:


Additional Information

Depending on the connection, the Online Update may take several hours to complete. If you do not have an error, but instead the update appears to be hung, please be patient or try another update server.

Formerly known as TID# 10095303


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