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mgr-ssh-push-init fails with generic connection error if remote ssh host key has changed

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SUSE Manager 1.7


mgr-ssh-push-init will fail with a generic "Connection to client ($HOSTNAME) failed, exiting..." message if the remote system SSH host key changed (e.g. after a reinstallation):
susemanager:~ # mgr-ssh-push-init --client $HOSTNAME --register /srv/www/htdocs/pub/bootstrap/ --tunnel
* Setup a client to be managed via SSH push
* Generating tunnel setup script (/tmp/tmp.zNFPEm1eae)
* Creating tunnel version of client-config-overrides.txt
* Preparing bootstrap script (/tmp/tmp.eHSdhkQXNN)
* SUSE Manager key found: /root/.ssh/id_susemanager
* Removing existing host key entries from known_hosts
* Pushing SSH key to '$HOSTNAME', please login as root:
ERROR: Connection to client ($HOSTNAME) failed, exiting...
removed `/tmp/tmp.zNFPEm1eae'
removed `/tmp/tmp.eHSdhkQXNN'


Delete the respective entry from /root/.ssh/known_hosts on the SUSE Manager system for this client.


The client SSH host key changed and the connection could not get established.


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  • Creation Date:15-MAY-14
  • Modified Date:15-MAY-14
    • SUSESUSE Manager

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