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SUSE manager system overview shows different naming schemes for hostnames

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SUSE Manager 1.7


When looking at the SUSE Manager system overview its recognized, that systems are either displayed using their full qualified domain name or just the hostname. A common display is desired.


Open the bootstrap script and search for the line:
Depending on how the view in the system overview should look like, adjust the option to either:
PROFILENAME=`hostname -s`
to only use the short form or
PROFILENAME=`hostname -f`
to use the full qualified domain name.

Note: Make sure to use single back ticks (`) and no double quotes (")!


When registering the system with SUSE Manager it depends on whether the system uses a static IP or DHCP and how entries in /etc/HOSTNAME and /etc/hosts are managed. Typically for static IPs an entry will get added to /etc/hosts like:

IP <fqdn> <shortname>

which is not necessary the case when using DHCP. Using the PROFILENAME="" variable allows a static how clients should report their name to the SUSE Manager server during the bootstrap process.


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