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SUSE Manager lists only 2 mirrorable repositories

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SUSE Manager 1.7


After a clean install of SUSE Manager 1.7 only a few channels are showing after syncing with  In our case running mgr-ncc-sync -r and mgr-ncc-sync -l returned the following outputs:

susemanager:~ # mgr-ncc-sync -r
Updating Channel Family Information
Downloading Product information...
Found 602 products using 1 mirror credentials.
Downloading Subscription information...
Found 2 subscriptions using 1 mirror credentials.
Updating Upgrade Path Information

susemanager:~ # mgr-ncc-sync -l
Listing channels ...

- P - channel is installed (provided)
- . - channel is not installed, but is available
- X - channel is not available

[.] suse-manager-proxy-1.2-pool-x86_64
[P] suse-manager-proxy-1.7-pool-x86_64
    [P] sle11-sp1-debuginfo-pool-x86_64-proxy-1.7
    [P] sle11-sp1-debuginfo-updates-x86_64-proxy-1.7
    [P] sle11-sp2-debuginfo-core-x86_64-proxy-1.7
    [P] sle11-sp2-debuginfo-updates-x86_64-proxy-1.7
    [P] sles11-extras-x86_64-proxy-1.7
    [P] sles11-sp1-pool-x86_64-proxy-1.7
    [P] sles11-sp1-updates-x86_64-proxy-1.7
    [P] sles11-sp2-core-x86_64-proxy-1.7
    [P] sles11-sp2-updates-x86_64-proxy-1.7
    [P] suse-manager-proxy-1.7-updates-x86_64


The mirror credentials were correct and the repositories were available as seen in NCC.  Howerver, in the products purchased drop down box there were only suse-manager and suse-manager proxy. That is why they were the only 2 showing up. Once a license was purchased for SLES, the SLES repositories became available after running mgr-ncc-sync.


Mirror credentials correctly show the repositores, but with SUSE Manager it filters the products purchased vs products not purchased. Only those that are purchased are mirrorable.


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  • Creation Date:13-SEP-13
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