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Issues with SMT version 1.1.22

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Subscription Management Tool (SMT) for SUSE Linux Enterprise 11
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 Service Pack 1


There are several issues with SMT for SUSE Linux Enterprise 11, version 1.1.22.

* In environments with certain proxys executing the smt-ncc-sync command comes back with the following error message:

Downloading Product information
56 Failure when receiving data from the peer
Failed to POST '': [] 500 CURL ERROR(56) Failure when receiving data from the peer

* Issues with authentication against a proxy server.

* When performing the smt-ncc-sync command, the following error message is shown:

WARNING: Found a Client in NCC which is not available here

* The smt job functionality does not work any more. smt-agent executes the first available job, but when trying to update the job status on the SMT server the following message is seen:

ERROR: Unable to update job: 404 Not Found
warning: job 25 exited with 255. stdout: 'Use of uninitialized value $stdout2 in concatenation (.) or string at /usr/lib/SMT/bin/job/update line 58. Use of uninitialized value $stderr2 in concatenation (.) or string at /usr/lib/SMT/bin/job/update line 59. Error: Unable to update job: 404 Not Found

* It is not possible to get SLES11-SP1 clients into "up to date" state from an smt-client perspective. They stay in "Updates available"


A maintenance patch is available, please install updates of the smt, smt-support, and res-signingkeys packages with at least version 1.1.23-0.2.1. This can be done via the YaST2 online_update tool or via zypper. Then restart the service via the "rcsmt restart" command.

On systems which are registered against the SMT server update the smt-client package to version 0.0.15-0.3.1 or higher.


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