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Scheduling Service Pack migration on SUSE manager fails with internal server error

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SUSE Manager 1.7


Scheduling a service pack migration for a SUSE Manager registered client shows an internal server error in the web interface. The following error can be found in /var/log/tomcat6/catalina.out:
2013-11-04 09:27:25,456 [TP-Processor2] ERROR com.redhat.rhn.common.db.datasource.CachedStatement - Error while processing cached statement sql: SELECT spc.channel_label label,
          c.parent_channel parent_id
     FROM suseProductChannel spc
LEFT JOIN rhnChannel c ON spc.channel_id =
    WHERE spc.product_id = ?
      AND (spc.channel_label = ? OR
           spc.parent_channel_label = ?)
com.redhat.rhn.common.db.WrappedSQLException: ERROR: syntax error at or near "label"
  Position: 26


Please update spacewalk-java to version This update is part of the SUSE Manager patch 8394 (see Please apply the whole patch using zypper patch.


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  • Creation Date:23-OCT-13
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    • SUSESUSE Manager

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