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Configuring SMT11 servers to use self-hosted repositories

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Novell Subscription Management Tool 11
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11


When installing and configuring Subscription Management Tool 11 (SMT11) on a SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11, the Novell Customer Center wizard registers the server with the update service at and subscribes to the appropriate update repositories there. For the time being the repositories that get enabled are SLES11-Updates and SLE11-SMT-Updates.
If these repositories are to be mirrored to the server, that fact that the SMT server will download patches from is inefficient.


Change this behavior by registering the server against itself as described below :
  1. Make sure the SLES11-Updates and SLE11-SMT-Updates repositories are enabled and mirrored for the architecture of the server.
  2. Delete the nu_novell_com service if it is present. The simplest way to do that is to just try and delete it like this :
    # zypper sd nu_novell_com
    In case the server has not registered the service, the output of the command will be :
    Service 'nu_novell_com' not found by alias, number or URI.
    If it had been present, the command would return output like this :
    Removing service 'nu_novell_com':
    Removing repository 'SLE11-SMT-Updates' [done]
    Removing repository 'SLES11-Updates' [done]
    Service 'nu_novell_com' has been removed.
  3. Register the server against itself with the script :
    # /srv/www/htdocs/repo/tools/ --host <fqdn-of-server>
    Accept the certificate (Ignore "WARNING: Skipping duplicate certificate YaST-CA.pem") and start the registration.
  4. Refresh the services :
    # zypper ref -s
  5. Verify that the SLES11-Updates and SLE11-SMT-Updates repositories are enabled and point to this server with
    # zypper lr -u
    The aliases of the repos would be :
    SMT-http_<fqdn-of-server>:SLE11-SMT-Updates and


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  • Creation Date:06-SEP-09
  • Modified Date:27-APR-12
    • SUSESubscription Management Tool
      SUSE Linux Enterprise Server

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