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Zoppas Industries removes barriers to worldwide growth with SUSE


  • Meets business requirements faster and more efficiently
  • Helps win new clients through enhanced, more accurate service delivery
  • Supports future international expansion by offering multilingual capabilities


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Established in 1963 and headquartered in Treviso, Italy, Zoppas Industries designs, manufactures and distributes heating systems to customers in Italy and abroad.


Providing high-quality, reliable and advanced heating systems to customers worldwide required enhanced agility and efficiency from Zoppas Industries. With an aging IT infrastructure supporting its core business applications, the company found it challenging to pursue its growth goals. By implementing a comprehensive suite of SAP applications, running on SUSE® Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) for SAP Applications, the company has gained a standardized, enterprise-class ERP solution that sustains its global expansion with fresh agility and performance.

The Challenge

The technology behind modern heating systems is evolving at a rapid pace, and customers expect increasingly efficient and reliable products and service.

With a clear vision to deliver high-quality products to new customers worldwide, Zoppas Industries was facing a number of challenges. A system administrator at Zoppas Industries, says: “We serve predominantly large enterprises, which demand ultra-rapid supply of high-standard heating systems. If we fail to deliver on timing and quality, we lose ground to nimbler, tech-savvy competitors.

“Our core processes were supported by an old-fashioned IT architecture, which was slow, decentralized, and challenging to run and maintain. From a business perspective, this meant that we were experiencing delays in production response times and had no reliable way of running quality checks on product lines.”

Furthermore, the company’s existing ERP system could not support a multilingual working environment, which was set to be a hurdle given Zoppas Industries’ plans to expand internationally.

“With SAP and SUSE, we are much more accurate and swifter in processing customer orders and shipping products. And because we can easily track product quality, we have greater peace of mind that our customers will get excellent heating systems.”

SUSE Solution

As the first step on its IT refresh journey, Zoppas Industries reviewed a series of world-class ERP solutions. It soon concluded that SAP ERP offered the most compelling combination of performance, reliability and future-readiness.

The system administrator says: “By choosing SAP ERP, we were confident that we would be supported by one of the best ERP solutions, and we felt that this platform was the best fit for our expansion plans.”

Once the ERP choice was established, Zoppas Industries moved to determining the most suitable operating system for its new architecture.

The system administrator says: “We knew that SUSE is the leading operating system in terms of the number of SAP installations, so after testing its performance and reliability we decided that it would be the best fit. We chose to deploy SLES for SAP Applications, which offers specialized support to our SAP landscape.”

For over one year, Zoppas Industries conducted tests and analysis, and continued to review its business processes while remapping them onto its new SAP environment running on SLES.

The company is also taking advantage of SUSE Support. The system administrator says: “Having peace of mind that, in the event of a technical problem, we can count on one single, centralized source of support was another very compelling element offered by SUSE. The SUSE team is always at hand and incredibly supportive, and its response times are much shorter than we could achieve if we had to deal with multiple points of vendor support. We were so impressed with the complete SUSE solution that we will be using it as our standard operating system when we expand our Linux infrastructure.”

Besides leveraging SLES for SAP Applications for its core business processes, Zoppas Industries is also using SUSE as the default Linux Enterprise distribution for non-SAP applications, including financial reporting, and for some workloads the company is going to move to the public cloud.

The Results

Thanks to its SAP solution expertly backed by SUSE technology, Zoppas Industries now benefits from a robust and efficient backbone to support ongoing growth.

The system administrator says: “With a future-proof solution like SAP and ultra-reliable performance offered by SLES for SAP Applications, we can now pursue worldwide expansion with much greater confidence.

“Any new request that we receive from the business is now taken care of much more rapidly and effectively, and the way we manage product quality checks and service delivery has greatly improved, too. We are much more accurate and swifter in processing customer orders and shipping products. And because we can easily track product quality, we have greater peace of mind that our customers will get excellent heating systems. This is already enabling us to further boost our reputation and gradually expand our client base.

“We view the collaboration with SAP and SUSE as one of the key enablers of our ongoing worldwide growth — now, and in the years to come.”