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  • Accelerated maintenance tasks by 50 percent, shortening scheduled downtime
  • Facilitates prioritization of system maintenance and ensures accurate track record and consistent updates across a large number of servers
  • Reduced IT costs while securing reliability and high performance for SAP applications


Vienna Hospital Association needed to cut costs while tackling growing demands in the healthcare sector. The association migrated its SAP application servers from a UNIX operating system to SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications. And by deploying SUSE Manager, Vienna Hospital Association automated patching processes and accelerated maintenance tasks by 50 percent. The association benefits from an improved overview and can schedule maintenance tasks more efficiently to improve overall service availability.


Vienna Hospital Association is one of the largest hospital operators in Europe. The association employs nearly 30,000 people in eleven hospitals in Vienna, Austria. Managing total assets of EUR 4.94 billion, the association runs 11 hospitals and cares for 400,000 inpatients and 3.5 million outpatients per year.

The Challenge

Vienna Hospital Association is essential to the public healthcare system in Vienna and has to ensure reliable health services across various hospitals and healthcare centers in the city. The association must constantly adapt to increasing demands while also saving money, following decreases in government funding.

Vienna Hospital Association is already responsible for 13,000 desktops and 600 applications. The ever growing number of medical devices and data volumes in the healthcare sector add to the pressure and require advanced tooling and automation to allow the association to keep up its crucial services with the existing team.

The association wanted to streamline its IT operations to ensure the continued delivery of excellent services to doctors, nurses and patients despite shrinking budgets.

Vienna Hospital Association evaluated various alternatives and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server was a cost-efficient option that met its requirements in terms of reliability, performance and interoperability.

SUSE Solution

Vienna Hospital Association decided to optimize the operation of its SAP ERP applications by moving all application servers from a UNIX operating system to SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications provided by SUSE partner COMPAREX Austria GmbH. The association evaluated various alternatives and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server was a costefficient option that met its requirements in terms of reliability, performance and interoperability.

The association managed the migration in-house based on documentation from SAP and SUSE. The team was easily able to complete the installations and deploy all systems to achieve a smooth migration to SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications across 95 virtual machines on 12 physical hosts.

Vienna Hospital Association uses Xen virtualization to benefit from the integrated virtualization features of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, and has a single operating system for host and guest systems.

To simplify and streamline systems management, Vienna Hospital Association implemented SUSE Manager. The association used many of the standard features to automate its patch management processes. For example, it created different groups in SUSE Manager to easily deploy patches to different environments. Vienna Hospital Association also schedules updates in the future to plan its patch management efficiently.

The Results

Vienna Hospital Association values the transparency of open source software, which helps it to tailor systems to its needs and also facilitates problem solving.

On the whole, the association experiences better uptime and overall higher availability. Few restarts are required, and the systems run reliably.

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server allows quick and efficient system administration through mature command line tools and advanced scripting capabilities. Vienna Hospital Association builds on these capabilities and relies on customized AutoYaST scripts to automate deployment of systems for rapid delivery of additional application servers for production or testing as needed.

SUSE Manager has substantially simplified patch management at Vienna Hospital Association and enables IT staff to schedule updates more effectively, not least because of notifications and detailed information about upcoming patches to fix security issues and protect systems from external threats. The open and proactive SUSE information policy allows Vienna Hospital Association’s IT team to take the initiative instead of reacting to incidents.

The easy-to-use graphical interface provides a quick overview of the patch levels across the entire server landscape. Using SUSE Manager, Vienna Hospital Association can prioritize work more easily and focus only on the systems that require patches instead of having to check all systems manually.

Through better planning and automated deployment of patches, Vienna Hospital Association has shortened its maintenance windows by 50 percent, improving system availability. The association also benefits from a more accurate track record and consistent updates across a larger number of servers.

Vienna Hospital Association managed to simplify its IT operations and is satisfied with the collaboration between its suppliers SAP, SUSE and COMPAREX Austria, as well as with the helpful support it receives for the new solution.