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Industry: Utility
Location: Slovakia
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Teplaren Kosice a. s.


  • Cut support and hardware costs by 50%, offering better return on IT spend
  • Improved employee productivity
  • Cut OS administration by 20% and install times from one day to 15 minutes
  • Enhanced IT performance, reducing SAP transaction times by 30%


For Teplaren Kosice, the performance and efficiency of its business-critical SAP applications is a top priority, holding the key to greater productivity and return on investment in IT. By migrating its SAP—and Oracle database—solutions to SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, the company cut response times and boosted availability of critical systems to give employees the tools to work more effectively, while cutting support costs and removing barriers to growth.


Teplaren Kosice a. s. is one of the largest producers and distributors of heat in the form of hot water and steam in Slovakia. It also generates and sells electricity, and provides system services and regulated power. Employing more than 460 people, the company has its headquarters in Kosice.

The Challenge

Always looking to run leaner, more effective operations, Teplaren Kosice saw an opportunity to optimize IT efficiency by migrating its business-critical SAP applications to a more cost-effective operating environment.

Peter Matejkov, Security Specialist at Teplaren Kosice, said: “We rely on a host of SAP applications and Oracle database software to manage every aspect of our operations, so we consider them truly mission-critical. Previously, we opted to run them on the UNIX operating system and Itanium machines, but our support costs were too high and performance too slow.

“It was also too costly to scale up with our existing approach, which could potentially limit our growth. We began looking for an alternative that could solve our cost and performance pain points, and enable easy scalability.”

“By reducing our hardware and software support costs by 50%, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server is helping us maximize the value we get from our IT investments.”

SUSE Solution

Teplaren Kosice chose to migrate its SAP and Oracle solutions to SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, running in a virtualized environment on x86 processor-based systems.

“Our choice came down to SUSE versus Red Hat offerings,” said Peter Matejkov. “Ultimately, we selected SUSE Linux Enterprise Server over Red Hat Enterprise Linux as we feel it is better preconfigured for SAP applications.”

Today, the company takes advantage of the tight integration between SUSE Linux Enterprise Server and SAP applications to deliver better performance to its employees.

“It is no surprise to us that SUSE Enterprise Linux Server is the leading platform for SAP solutions on Linux now that we have seen it in action,” said Peter Matejkov.

“And because it is highly compatible with the rest of the components of our infrastructure—including VMware and UNIX—it blends seamlessly with our existing solutions.”

And by using built-in configuration tools like YaST® to simplify and streamline management of its SUSE Linux Enterprise Server landscape, Teplaren Kosice keeps its IT team free to focus on more profitable activities.

“The user-friendly YaST tool is the ideal solution for administrative headaches,” said Peter Matejkov. “YaST is easily customized, so we can make changes during and after installations, offering us great flexibility.

“SUSE Linux Enterprise Server also gives us the ability to apply updates and security patches without rebooting machines—protecting our business-critical SAP applications against downtime. And in the unlikely event that we do have a problem, we can draw on extensive online resources to quickly get our systems back on track, a great advantage.”

The Results

Teplaren Kosice has succeeded in significantly boosting the performance of its mission-critical SAP and Oracle software by migrating to SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, giving its workforce the tools to do more.

Peter Matejkov said: “With SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, we are providing faster access to the systems our employees need every day, translating into greater productivity. Our users report shorter response times since we moved to the SUSE solution, and we have measured a 30% reduction in the time taken to complete selected SAP transactions.”

The solution also contributes to lower IT support costs, translating into efficiency gains that may be reinvested elsewhere.

“By reducing our hardware and software support costs by 50%, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server is helping us maximize our investment in IT,” said Peter Matejkov. “The SUSE offering has both enhanced the security of our systems and decreased our administrative burden: a win-win situation.

“For example, the YaST tool has cut management time for our operating system environment by 20%. With SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, we have reduced installation times from an average of one full day to just 15 minutes, and updates that used to require outside support and one day per server can now be completed by us online in just ten minutes.”

Finally, the easy scalability of the solution is clearing the path for growth. Peter Matejkov said: “With SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, we are confident that we can extend our systems rapidly and cost-effectively when needed, making it the ideal platform for the future.”