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  • iCAS integrates seamlessly into existing IT infrastructures
  • Allows easy expansion of archive storage without disruption
  • Lowers TCO for storage and archiving by enabling the use of commodity x86 servers


With data volumes increasing and compliance regulations getting stricter, organizations of all sizes in all industries are under ever more pressure to store information securely and reliably. For many businesses, complex, costly proprietary storage systems are an obstacle. iTernity partnered with SUSE to offer an alternative: a modern software-defined archiving solution based on iTernity iCAS and SUSE Enterprise Storage, giving companies an open, flexible and future-proof way to archive valuable business data.


iTernity develops software solutions to store and protect all types of corporate data. The company’s software-defined archiving approach is designed to be a foundation for future-proof long-term data storage.

Headquartered in Freiburg, Germany, iTernity has offices in Switzerland, the UK and the US, and serves clients all around the world.

Confirming its leading role in the industry, iTernity has been recognized as one of the TOP 100 small and medium-sized innovators in Germany three times.

The Challenge

In an increasingly digital world, data volumes are skyrocketing. Every organization in every industry faces challenges in managing, storing and protecting the vast amounts of documents and data that business applications such as SAP ERP generate daily.

On top of satisfying individual business demands and best practices, organizations must comply with strict industry, national and international regulations. These regulations dictate that certain types of data must be stored for long-term retention. Depending on the type of document, retention policies can range from a couple of months to several decades.

Often, companies also want to retain data for a wide range of business purposes. This includes archiving comprehensive quality assurance documentation to provide a complete track record of product quality to consumers and partners.

Key challenges for many organizations struggling to archive rising data volumes are efficiency and cost.

“We’re proud to partner with SUSE to enhance our service offering, as they share our commitment to open standards. Working together with SUSE, we are delighted to offer our clients a much more flexible and future-proof way to archive valuable business data.”

SUSE Solution

iTernity iCAS is a flexible, scalable archiving solution for all types of business data that comes with a lifetime license. The iCAS solution ensures compliance with various legal standards, including GDPR, SEC 17 a-4(f) and HIPAA, providing a secure platform for the long-term retention and protection of sensitive data for organizations across all industries.

To give its clients even greater flexibility, iTernity has partnered with SUSE to provide a fully software-defined archive storage architecture based on SUSE Enterprise Storage.

SUSE Enterprise Storage transforms commodity hardware into a softwaredefined storage cluster for block, object and file storage. The distributed cluster design means that SUSE Enterprise Storage can scale to thousands of nodes, offering practically unlimited scalability. Combined with the iCAS solution from iTernity, organizations can utilize standard x86 servers to build archives that scale from terabytes to petabytes while meeting legal requirements and industry regulations.

Ralf Steinemann, CEO of iTernity, says: “We decided to team up with SUSE for several reasons. First and foremost, SUSE Enterprise Storage is an enterprise-class solution backed up by professional services and highly trained support staff. Knowing that we and our clients can turn to SUSE for advice gives us great peace of mind.”

“Secondly, SUSE Enterprise Storage is completely hardware-agnostic. This means that clients have total freedom to choose whatever kind of infrastructure they like for their software-defined archive and are not tied down to any particular proprietary system or vendor. Companies can even repurpose existing infrastructure when getting started with iCAS.”

Daniel Glass, Sales Director at iTernity, adds: “Partnering with SUSE has been a huge success. The SUSE team is very solution-oriented and quick to respond to any queries. Beyond technology and service, we know that SUSE is the preferred Linux platform for SAP environments, so this partnership puts us in a strong position to assist clients with the archiving of SAP data.”

The Results

With iCAS and SUSE Enterprise Storage, organizations benefit from an open, flexible software-defined archiving solution that is decoupled from the underlying hardware.

Daniel Glass remarks: “The integration between iCAS and SUSE Enterprise Storage enables clients to use off-the-shelf servers to build highly cost-effective archive environments. Expanding capacity is simply a matter of adding new nodes to the cluster. Clusters can span across data centers for high availability and even extend into the cloud, to create hybrid-cloud archiving environments.”

Another benefit of iCAS and SUSE Enterprise Storage is that there is no longer any need to migrate to a whole new storage system. Migrations often lead to licensing headaches and might require an assigned auditor to ensure continued compliance. The software-defined architecture means that clients can respond much more flexibly to increasing data volumes and replace ageing infrastructure without manual migration or service disruption.

Ralf Steinemann concludes: “We’re proud to partner with SUSE to enhance our service offering, as they share our commitment to open standards. Working together with SUSE, we are delighted to offer our clients a much more flexible and future-proof way to archive valuable business data.”