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Industry: Manufacturing & Engineering
Location: Netherlands
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DKG Groep simplifies B2B & B2C business complexity


  • Consistent performance powers efficient business processes
  • Strong SUSE partnership enables direct support for SAP applications
  • Reliable systems eliminate downtime and facilitate growth


DKG Groep is an international kitchen firm based in Bergen op Zoom, the Netherlands. It produces kitchens for major firms Bruynzeel Keukens and Keller Keukens, as well as operating its own retail network of 33 shops. DKG Groep’s Bergen op Zoom factory is one of the largest and most advanced kitchen factories in Europe, creating a wide range of contemporary and functional products to suit the needs of individual consumers.


With its world-class kitchen factory and international retail network, DKG Groep must maintain a wide array of business processes to stay ahead of the competition. As unpredictable systems began to threaten delays to its manufacturing process, the company decided to implement SUSE® Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) for SAP Applications. The SUSE solution’s consistent process times and direct access to SAP support have created a reliable foundation for future business growth, while eliminating unnecessary overtime.

The Challenge

DKG Groep is among the largest and most successful companies in the European kitchen market. Operating in the design, manufacturing, and B2B as well as B2C retail sectors, the company must manage a complex range of business processes to remain competitive.

Martijn Leenknegt, ICT manager at DKG Groep, explains: “We sell our kitchens around the world, and all of them are made in our factory in Bergen op Zoom. We operate around 33 shops where we sell directly to consumers, but we also provide kitchens for real estate developers, as well as DIY customers. That’s a lot of different processes and market sectors to keep track of, so staying on top of our business planning is crucial to success.”

DKG Groep had been running SAP ERP on Windows, but as business expanded the company realized it needed a more efficient system to avoid unnecessary overtime.

“We couldn’t afford any delays,” says Leenknegt. “With our previous system, there was no slack in the manufacturing process, so if just one thing went wrong, the time taken to fix it could have caused delays to customer orders. As the business grew, we wanted to avoid any unnecessary overtime, so we made the decision to upgrade our enterprise resource planning infrastructure.”

“Thanks to the close relationship between SUSE and SAP, we can make direct SAP service requests via the SUSE interface. That means we can access direct support for our core business applications, 24/7. SUSE is the logical choice for SAP.”

SUSE Solution

DKG Groep decided to implement SLES for SAP Applications on brand-new Dell EMC hardware. This gave the company access to the SAP HANA in-memory database, as well as a more efficient environment for its ERP application.

“For us, the SAP HANA database was the key to more efficient business processes,” says Leenknegt. “Once we had committed to that, SLES was the natural choice of platform, given the close relationship between SUSE and SAP.”

The company now maintains two VMware servers running SLES for SAP Applications, allowing easier backup and recovery as well as increased business flexibility.

“The installation process was very quick,” says Leenknegt. “The support from SUSE’s team was excellent, and they were diligent in getting our new SAP environment up and running. The integration with our existing Windows environment took longer, but once that was in place, we were very happy with how smoothly SLES interacted with our other systems.”

DKG Groep also appreciated that the SUSE solution provides direct, easy access to SAP support. “Thanks to the close relationship between SUSE and SAP, we can make direct SAP service requests via the SUSE interface,” says Leenknegt. “That means we can access direct support for our core business applications, 24/7. SUSE is the logical choice for SAP.”

The Results

Since implementing SLES for SAP Applications, DKG Groep has achieved consistent performance in its core business processes, leading to more efficient business management across the board.

“Everything runs more reliably now,” says Leenknegt. “For example, the complex process of generating production data used to take up anywhere between five and 10 hours each day; now it always lasts just three and a half hours. That consistency means it is easier for us to make enterprise planning decisions and frees up resources to be used elsewhere. Thanks to SLES for SAP Applications, along with SAP HANA, we have gained some real slack in our manufacturing process, which means we no longer run the same risk of delays.”

As DKG Groep’s business continues to expand, SLES for SAP Applications will continue to provide a reliable platform to manage complex business processes.

“We are really seeking international growth,” says Leenknegt. “Our long-term strategy is to expand both our B2B and B2C network still further, which means managing an even greater degree of business complexity. For that strategy to succeed, we need a fast, stable, consistent business platform. We are confident that SLES for SAP Applications will continue to provide that for us.”