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Delta Lloyd Lebensversicherung AG


  • Reduced software licensing costs by up to 20%
  • Gained the ability to manage any RPM-based Linux distributions
  • Opened up new technical and commercial opportunities for the future


By replacing Red Hat Network Satellite with SUSE Manager, Delta Lloyd Lebensversicherung AG cut software costs by 20% without compromising the quality of software patches or support.


Delta Lloyd Lebensversicherung AG (DLL) is a subsidiary of Delta Lloyd Germany AG, which in turn is a wholly owned subsidiary of Delta Lloyd Group, Amsterdam. In addition to providing life insurance for private individuals, the company runs corporate pension services and provides payment protection insurance.

The Challenge

As an insurance company, DLL processes and stores large volumes of commercially valuable and personally sensitive customer data. Keeping IT systems reliable and secure is therefore an absolute priority for the company. DLL has a large number of Red Hat Enterprise Linux servers both physical and virtual running its SAP ERP system, various large Oracle databases and several policy management systems. It was previously managing these servers using Red Hat Network Satellite software.

Under pressure to cut costs, the IT department at DLL knew that it could not compromise on the quality of server management. It set out to find a lower cost server management tool that would reduce software licensing fees for its Linux landscape without causing any negative impact on server availability or security. DLL also wanted a solution with minimal training requirements.

With SUSE Linux Enterprise Server with Expanded Support, we have made major savings on our software licenses without any disruption to our operations.

SUSE Solution

Working with Proto Soft AG, DLL analyzed several options before selecting SUSE Manager to replace Red Hat Network Satellite. The company chose SUSE Manager for its excellent value for money and for its ability to manage both Red Hat and SUSE Linux servers. DLL is also taking advantage of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server with Expanded Support, a solution from the Microsoft SUSE alliance to get world class support for its existing Red Hat Enterprise Linux landscape at a much lower cost.

Proto Soft AG helped DLL to implement and configure SUSE Manager within just two weeks no training was required, as the new solution has a similar interface and structure to the previous offering from Red Hat.

DLL now has around 60 Red Hat Enterprise Linux virtual servers spread across eight clusters of VMware ESX Server, in addition to 60 bare metal Red Hat Enterprise Linux servers. The virtual landscape runs a wide variety of systems, including web servers, databases and SAP application servers. The physical landscape is largely used for running Oracle databases.

For both environments, DLL uses SUSE Manager to handle all administration tasks and to access the Expanded Support service. SUSE builds the updates and patches for Red Hat systems using the source code published by Red Hat itself, so DLL can be confident that it is receiving the same quality of service as before, and that it will not have any software compatibility issues.

The Results

Switching to SUSE Manager and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server with Expanded Support has enabled DLL to discontinue its subscription for Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL), DLL can continue to use the software itself so the only noticeable change is to the source of support.

Albert Demant, System Engineer at Delta Lloyd Lebensversicherung AG said: "SUSE Manager has given us the same quality of support for our Red Hat environment but at a significantly lower cost than with Red Hat Network Satellite."

Christian Pöll, Head of IT at Delta Lloyd Lebensversicherung AG said: "With SUSE Linux Enterprise Server with Expanded Support, we have made major savings on our software licenses without any disruption to our operations."

Taking into account the savings made by eliminating the need to purchase Red Hat licenses, DLL estimates that it has achieved cost savings of approximately 20% while continuing to receive the same high quality patches and updates for its Linux landscape. Furthermore, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server with Expanded Support covers all RPM based Linux distributions, giving DLL the option of using other distributions alongside or instead of Red Hat.