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Café Coffee Day


  • Improved control over extended supply chain
  • Gained reliable, scalable ERP platform with low cost of ownership
  • Ensured round-the-clock priority support for entire solution stack


Amalgamated Bean Coffee Trading Company Limited (Café Coffee Day) is using SUSE® LinuxEnterprise Server Priority Support for SAP Applications to ensure the highest possible levels of protection for its ERP environment. This joint solution from SUSE and SAP provides peace of mind for Café Coffee Day that its order management and logistics systems are always up and running.


Amalgamated Bean Coffee Trading Com­ pany Limited (Café Coffee Day) is a fully integrated coffee company, involved in every activity from growing coffee beans on its 5,000 acres of plantations through harvesting, roasting, blending, exporting and retailing. Based in India, the company runs the popular Café Coffee Day chain of retail outlets, now present in more than 640 locations.

The Challenge

Established in 1999, Café Coffee Day is a fast­growth company operating across the full spectrum of business activities in the coffee sector, with operations throughout India. To manage its complex and geograph­ically dispersed business, the company had no packaged solution to handle production and supply chain management, so Café Coffee Day looked for an integrated solution that could support its continuing rapid growth.

Following a review of ERP solutions from major global vendors, Café Coffee Day selected the SAP ERP application as the best t for its requirements, and chose to work with Coconut Info System to deploy and tune the solution. PSI Data Systems later handled the migration from the original Intel Xeon­-based platform to an Itanium­ based platform.

As the new ERP environment would be critical to the smooth running of its busi­ness, Café Coffee Day placed great em­phasis on selecting the platform to run its SAP software—and in backing it with a comprehensive support package.

“Selecting SUSE Linux Enterprise Server as our operating system for SAP ERP gave us the required performance, reliability and scalability with low cost of ownership.”

SUSE Solution

Café Coffee Day opted to run its SAP ERP application on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, based on the operating system’s price- performance, reliability and scalability. The ERP environment is hosted in data centers managed by a third-party specialist and offers extremely high resilience. PSI Data Systems customized the SAP software for Café Coffee Day’s requirements, managed its rollout across the organization, and now provides support and maintenance for SAP ERP.

“The SAP software is based on Java, and we knew that it ran particularly well on UNIX-like operating systems,” said Arvind Chaudhary, Senior Manager—IT & MIS, Amalgamated Bean Coffee Trading Company Limited. “Selecting SUSE Linux Enterprise Server as our operating system for SAP ERP gave us the required performance, reliability and scalability with low cost of ownership.”

To ensure effective support for the entire ERP solution stack, Café Coffee Day selected SUSE Linux Enterprise Server Priority Support for SAP Applications, provided by Wipro Infotech. This joint support offering from SUSE and SAP gives Café Coffee Day a single support entry point, reducing complexity, accelerating problem resolution and cutting the total cost of ownership. The solution also provides seamless integration with SAP Solution Manager into the SAP Global Support backbone.

“SAP ERP plays a crucial role in helping us to manage our internal operations and to maintain control over our extended supply chain,” said Chaudhary. “We cannot tolerate any downtime for the SAP environment.

With SUSE Linux Enterprise Server Priority Support for SAP Applications, we have full reassurance that this businesscritical environment will be up and running 24 x 7.”

The priority support subscription entitles Café Coffee Day to 24x7 support for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, together with unlimited service requests. Support is provided by email and by telephone, with target response times of four hours and one hour respectively. The subscription also includes the SUSE Linux Enterprise Server Fundamentals Training Kit at no extra cost.

The Results

While Café Coffee Day does not yet have operations in other time zones, many vital business activities take place at the extreme ends of the working day, leaving no window of tolerance for system downtime. With SAP ERP software running on the ultra-reliable SUSE Linux Enterprise operating system and backed by SUSE Linux Enterprise Priority Support for SAP Applications, Café Coffee Day can be sure that its business-critical functions are always available.

“It’s good to know that our ERP environment is backed by the combined support offering from SUSE and SAP,” said Chaudhary. “In practice, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server has proven so reliable that we have yet to test the quality or response times for the Priority Support service!” The rollout of SAP ERP has helped Café Coffee Day to improve control over its business operations, enabling the company to maximize supply chain efficiency and cut costs while simultaneously improving the quality of service to its clients. The SAP software also provides detailed financial and management information for reporting purposes, supporting more effective long-term strategic planning and enabling targeted growth.

“SUSE Linux Enterprise Server provides an economical, reliable and scalable platform for SAP ERP,” said Chaudhary. “As Café Coffee Day continues on its rapid growth path, this scalability will help us to expand the business without disruption and without incurring significant additional costs for the IT environment.”