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  • Reduces support requests from clients by 90%
  • Saves 80% on server management costs
  • Enables clients’ files to be easily received, stored and retrieved at any time with total security


Ensuring safe reception, storage and rapid traceability of tens of millions of customer files is paramount for ARCHIVA. By migrating to SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, the company can guarantee fast, secure file transfer and management, and has cut customer support requests by 90%.


ARCHIVA specializes in the storage and management of digital files for enterprise clients, serving approximately 500 mid-size and large businesses. Founded near Verona, Italy, in 2003, the company employs 90 people and achieves annual revenue of around 10 million Euros.

The Challenge

Maintaining customer trust is key to ARCHIVA’s business success. The company receives 40,000 files from its clients on average each day, and must ensure that this sensitive information is transferred, stored and managed effectively, all while meeting stringent security standards. Clients send their document files to ARCHIVA using FTP (File Transfer Protocol); ARCHIVA then classifies the files and stores them in databases to which each client has customized and secure access.

“With multiple FTP services running on different operating systems, it was becoming difficult to ensure fast, reliable file transfer and access,” said Simone Maiolo, Systems Manager at ARCHIVA. “Clients were calling almost daily, wanting to know why they were having problems sending a file, or why they were unable to find a particular file on the database. Dealing with these enquires took a lot of time and effort.”

“The stability and ease-of-management offered by SUSE Linux Enterprise Server enable us to focus more closely on excellence in client service. Being able to respond to clients’ requests for information in a trustworthy and reliable way is priceless, and gives us a clear competitive edge.”

SUSE Solution

Working with Business Partner H4T, ARCHIVA selected SUSE Linux Enterprise Server as its new strategic operating system. “Our strong internal competencies on Linux, the Business Partner’s expertise, and the great quality of the SUSE solution convinced us to make this move,” said Simone Maiolo.

The company replaced its existing 14 virtual servers, including Red Hat Enterprise Linux servers, with just six virtualized instances of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server. Three of these are in a high-availability cluster and support front-end file reception systems, while the other three run back-end database processes.

“SUSE Linux Enterprise Server offers a stable, secure and easy-to-manage platform for delivering web services to clients,” said Simone Maiolo. “We migrated our entire suite of file-management applications, and immediately noticed that everything runs much more smoothly.”

Client files that arrive on the SUSE Linux Enterprise Server platform via the FTP channel are rigorously checked to ensure that no data has been lost in transmission and that the files are whole and uncorrupted. This process is fully transparent to users, who can be certain that when ARCHIVA acknowledges receipt of a file, the local copy can safely be discarded.

The Results

Luca Maoli, Systems Analyst at ARCHIVA, said, “Thanks to SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, we can guarantee high reliability and availability for file-reception processes. This helps us to ensure that when clients send us their data, it is captured and sent to the appropriate location in the document archive.”

The replacement of several different operating systems with a single strategic platform—SUSE Linux Enterprise Server— makes it easier for ARCHIVA to respond rapidly to new client demands and to ensure that it can apply patches and updates in a timely manner. The more streamlined IT architecture also simplifies software security audits and gives clients more confidence that they are choosing a highly professional service.

“The stability and ease-of-management offered by SUSE Linux Enterprise Server enable us to focus more closely on excellence in client service,” said Luca Maoli. “Being able to respond to clients’ requests for information in a trustworthy and reliable way is priceless, and gives us a clear competitive edge.”

Since adopting SUSE Linux Enterprise Server and deploying its new standardized FTP service, ARCHIVA has seen a 90% reduction in the number of client complaints and service-related enquiries.

Leveraging a single FTP channel on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server guarantees less complexity in the overall management of the company’s IT architecture, saving ARCHIVA around 80% in server maintenance costs.

Simone Maiolo says, “SUSE Linux Enterprise Server proved to be exactly what we were looking for—a gold-standard operating system which gives us total peace of mind when performing critical processes.

“The platform helps us to guarantee that we manage our clients’ documents rapidly and securely, ensuring that clients can access the information they need whenever they need it. This high-quality service helps us to build long-term loyalty and repeat business, and thereby maintain a strong share of the market.”

Alberto Gazzani, CIO at ARCHIVA, concludes, “I am very satisfied with the outcome we achieved through the synergy between our IT resources and H4T. The stability and reliability of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server means that we can always provide secure and available services to our clients.”