For Cloud Service Providers, SUSE’s OpenStack Cloud solution is the ideal Software-defined Infrastructure (SDI) for developing innovative business workloads, DevOps initiatives or transforming traditional data centers into integration engines. Leverage the expertise of thousands of companies and developers to build a cloud that exceeds the capabilities of the largest providers in the industry while retaining the value of your existing investments in infrastructure and software.

A cost-advantaged solution built for service providers that must keep up with intense competition, rapid innovation and ever-changing customer demands.


Success Stories


  • Opens up a new revenue stream
  • Low administration requirements thanks to clever use of automation
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  • Simplifies and accelerates the deployment of OpenStack cloud landscapes
  • Provides robust, secure, high-performance virtual servers in the cloud
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  • Accelerates complex system deployments from between 40 and 60 days to just two or three days
  • Enables use of commodity hardware, unlocking cost savings of around 50 percent
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  • Accelerates time-to-market for cloud services
  • Reduces time spent on maintenance and support
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  • Reduced cloud infrastructure deployment time—from over one year to just three months
  • Integrates the services of a variety of vendors to provide the optimum system for S2’s business and its customers
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