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SUSE Security Solutions provide the scale, depth, and consistency required to secure today’s digital enterprise.

Doing business in a digital economy demands agility, and corporate digital infrastructures have changed profoundly in response. But as enterprises race to expand activities across globally distributed digital ecosystems, they must reinvent their security posture to defend an expanding attack surface. From core to cloud to edge, SUSE provides industry-leading security and compliance solutions for the digital enterprise.

Our Approach

The Industry's Most Secure, Certified & Compliant Linux Operating System (OS)

Enterprises in regulated industries must be certified for risk avoidance, compliance, and ensuring a secure software supply chain. SUSE Linux Enterprise is the only Linux OS to achieve the highest level of security and cryptographic certification. Our “certify once, use many” approach means that SLE's market-leading security posture is inherited by all its derivatives - from SLES (SUSE Linux Enterprise Server) to SLE Micro to SLE BCI. Add SUSE Manager for consistent patch management and avoid configuration drift.

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Hyperconverged Infrastructure Protection

SUSE's Kubernetes-native HCI solution, Harvester, leverages advanced virtual machine isolation technology to give IT teams confidence that their organization's data is safe, creating a solid foundation for future innovation.

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Zero Trust Container Security

SUSE NeuVector is the only Kubernetes-native security platform that delivers full lifecycle container security from core to cloud to edge. Available stand-alone or integrated with Rancher, SUSE NeuVector's end-to-end vulnerability management gives you a continuous risk profile on known threats. Its best-in-class runtime security controls provide unparalleled visibility and protection of container workload. It also includes advanced network protection as well as process and filesystem protection.

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Secured Developer Workflows

Build your cloud-native application using SLE BCI, a lightweight but hardened container image that inherits all the benefits of SLE's market-leading security posture. By allowing easy governance of application structure and build steps, Epinio (generally available in 2022/3) can help reduce misconfiguration issues and build drift between projects. With cloud-native Buildpacks, Epinio allows easy security updates across components to new base images.

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