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The competition is fierce; you need to accelerate innovation and improve collaboration within a supply chain that spans the globe. You must implement consistent standards and achieve lean manufacturing processes so you can get your products to market faster than ever before.

Smart choices need to be made. And choosing an IT infrastructure that increases agility and reduces operational costs without sacrificing reliability is one of the keys to a sustainable future. SUSE Linux Enterprise—the most interoperable Linux platform in physical, virtual and cloud environments—is built to satisfy the demands of the manufacturing industry so that you can streamline your operations and produce your products more efficiently.

Products preferred by manufacturing customers

Baldor Electric

Baldor Electric

"Running SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for System z has reduced the complexity of our environment and gives us zero downtime...which saves us hundreds of thousands of dollars per year." Mark ShackelfordVice President of Information Services at Baldor Electric



"Since we migrated to Fujitsu PRIMERGY servers with SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, we have experienced lower hardware costs, lower maintenance costs and greater flexibility" Mercia Saptawati Natio IT Division Head at PT Dynaplast Tbk

Banking & Finance

To succeed in the new economy requires balancing a shifting regulatory landscape with innovation. And increasing your profitability while navigating new business models demands even greater efficiency and cost management. In this climate of change, you need a cost-effective IT infrastructure that frees you from proprietary system silos without sacrificing performance or reliability.

SUSE Linux Enterprise is the only enterprise-class Linux platform that delivers the bandwidth and speed required by the largest stock exchanges without sacrificing security and reliability needed for government compliance. From the trading station to the back office, SUSE Linux Enterprise caters to the needs of the financial market.

Products preferred by banking and finance customers

London Stock Exchange

London Stock Exchange

The world's fourth largest stock exchange selected SUSE Linux Enterprise Server to manage high-volume traffic and improve performance.

Shenzhen Development Bank

Shenzhen Development Bank

Taking advantage of the built-in Xen virtualization technology in SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, Shenzhen Development Bank achieved a 5/1 consolidation ratio of physical to virtual servers and cut energy consumption in the data center by 30%.


From customer-facing services to the data center, you need to run your business better, even faster and leaner. Your margins are being squeezed from rising costs and it's hard to pass these costs along. With an increasingly connected customer accessing information from a variety of sources, it is even tougher to maintain a competitive advantage and profitable growth.

In this multi-channel marketplace, you need to find solutions that create value by reducing operating costs and mitigating risks. Your IT infrastructure should contribute to your margins, not erode them. SUSE's robust operating systems and management solutions are ready to run your business from the data center to your retail store cash register and everything in between. Delivering security and interoperability, it is the only Linux distribution designed specifically for point of service locations.

Products preferred by retail customers



America's largest drugstore chain improved server uptime by more than 50% and saved millions in IT costs by moving from UNIX to SUSE Linux Enterprise Server.

Office Depot

Office Depot

"The performance of SUSE Linux Enterprise has been tremendous. We can deploy servers and applications with confidence in our 24/7 business where downtime is not an option." Tim ToewsSenior Vice President and CIO of Office Depot


Shrinking budgets and demands for newer services are forcing agencies to optimize for maximum performance. At the same time, complex societal, economic and political pressures are placing intense demands to deliver results and demonstrate accountability from ever increasing volumes of data. In this environment, you need to make fiscally responsible decisions. And the IT infrastructure you choose needs to provide reliability and interoperability with decreased complexity.

SUSE Linux Enterprise is the only enterprise-class Linux platform that meets rigorous government requirements in physical, virtual and cloud environments. Designed for security and reliability, SUSE Linux—the most interoperable open source operating system—enables you to re-engineer disparate systems and drive consolidation, integration and efficiency across your organization.

That means trustworthy SUSE Enterprise Linux solutions are ideal for government at all levels, including federal agencies and the vendors that serve them. SUSE solutions can help meet key federal directives for transparent government, public participation, agency collaboration, and continuity of operations (COO)—while cutting costs and safeguarding security.

Enterprise Open Source Solutions for All Levels of Government

Products preferred by government customers

Miami-Dade County

Miami-Dade County

"We could download a free distribution of Linux, but if it's 3 a.m. and we have an issue, there's no one to call. Having a fully supported operating system with a large vendor's technical staff behind it is critical." Adrienne DiPrimaManager of Strategic Technologies Support for Miami-Dade County

Dresden Chess Olympiad

Dresden Chess Olympiad

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server helped the City of Dresden broadcast its Chess Olympiad over the Internet, supporting up to 550 concurrent games in near real-time to a global audience of millions.


The healthcare industry is under unprecedented regulatory and budgetary pressure. You need ways to innovate with strapped resources and impending compliance mandates. As hospitals, physicians and insurers deal with shifting reimbursement scenarios, ever-shrinking budgets, and increasing demands to invest in the best technology solutions, each group is looking for new ways to conduct business and grow.

You want your IT department to be a key business driver in the organization, but lack of budget, staff and bandwidth are complicating your growth and ability to innovate. SUSE can help healthcare organizations like yours adapt to new technologies and innovate by reducing the costs of running your mission-critical applications. Built to satisfy the rigorous demands of the healthcare industry, SUSE Linux Enterprise can help you streamline your operations, today and in the years to come.

SUSE can help healthcare organizations like yours:

  • Adapt to new technologies
  • Innovate
  • Increase performance and scalability of mission-critical applications at a reduced cost

If you can choose an IT infrastructure that increases agility, offers deployment flexibility and reduces operational costs without sacrificing reliability, you are on your way to a sustainable future. SUSE Linux Enterprise—the most interoperable Linux platform in physical, virtual and cloud environments—is built to satisfy the mission-critical demands of the healthcare industry. Take a look at SUSE to streamline your operations, reduce your costs and produce your products more efficiently.

Products preferred by healthcare customers

Akademicki Szpital Kliniczny (ASK)

Akademicki Szpital Kliniczny (ASK)

"Thanks to SUSE, ASK has managed to standardize on Oracle 10 RAC as a solid base for all our medical-related IT systems in the hospital... What's more, our server uptime is now 100% better than before." Krzysztof StrzelbickiHead of the ICT Department, Akademicki Szpital Kliniczny

Hartford Hospital

Hartford Hospital

"SUSE Linux Enterprise Server gives us enormous flexibility with the ability to leverage open source applications, as well as build our own." Fernando SeguroManager of Systems Engineering at Hartford Hospital

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