Build your integrated systems with greater flexibility and rapid deployment.

The costs, in time and money, associated with developing and maintaining a custom Linux distribution or proprietary operating system can be prohibitive.

Many appliances require a secure, certified operating system, to meet regulatory standards and to instill customer confidence while remaining configurable and customizable.

SUSE Embedded provides secure, reliable, supported, hardened yet flexible operating system and program with benefits and features that help simplify the development and deployment of fixed-function devices and servers.

  • Speed
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise helps fixed-function device and server manufacturers bring innovative solutions to market quickly. SUSE’s mature, proven operating system and industry-leading support services help accelerate product design and development and help manufacturers reduce development costs.

  • Flexibility
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise is customizable for embedded environments by installing only those packages that a system builder requires. SUSE provides tools and processes that enable system builders to easily strip down the operating system to make it as small and lightweight as the device requires, selecting and implementing only the elements required for a particular device or application. This minimizes the operating system footprint and improves performance by decreasing latency and lag.

    SUSE Linux Enterprise is optimized for both Arm64 and x86 platforms, helping system builders build on the hardware platform that makes the most sense for their application. The operating system integrates seamlessly with industry-standard architectures, hardware components, server and storage applications and networking applications.

  • Security
  • SUSE’s dedicated team of security experts receives advance notification of security flaws and vulnerabilities, and works with the open-source community to pro-actively fix those vulnerabilities prior to bulletin release to the public. This ensures that fixes to the most critical of security issues is available to the partner community nearly immediately, reducing exposure for the partner and the partner's customers.

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