For enterprises that need to build integrated systems based on industry-standard hardware, SUSE provides a unique combination of operating system, award-winning tools, service and support and maintenance

The Foundation

Our solutions are based on SUSE Linux Enterprise, the foundation for the most versatile, reliable and best supported software infrastructure. We have designed SUSE Linux Enterprise Server to process all types of workloads, especially those that are mission-critical, while also providing the highest availability of enterprise-class operating systems.

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The Tools

Our Integrated Systems offering provides a suite of advanced, breakthrough technologies that enable you to build deployable images for physical, virtual and cloud environments with just a few clicks. Deploy your image directly into cloud services like AWS, Google, and Azure. Use a central, web-based repository where you can publish and promote your software application images or appliances for download.

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The Technology

Our OEM offering includes the following technologies to lay the foundation for running your mission-critical workloads:

  • SUSE Manager delivers best-in-class Linux server management capabilities, including automated software management, system provisioning and monitoring.
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise High Availability Extension provides the most modern and complete open source solution for ensuring services availability for physical and virtual Linux clusters.

The Technical Experts

SUSE offers strategy road-mapping and implementation services to help identify and implement solutions that enable you to increase business-critical capabilities, achieve tangible results, create competitive advantage and realize return on your investment within realistic time frames.

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Best Linux Support in the World

When you purchase SUSE Linux Enterprise, the most interoperable platform for mission-critical computing, you also tap into the world's best Linux support organization. You can be confident we will solve your problems better than anyone else.

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The Training

SUSE, along with our training partners, provides the training and certification you need to be successful. Our training includes everything from introductory courses to the most advanced engineering-level classes. And to make your training convenient and affordable, we provide a variety of training methods to choose from.

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