Avoid the costs of building your own operating system, use a proven leader.

SUSE Embedded provides a stable, secure, managed operating system, helping medical device manufacturers avoid the costs associated with developing and maintaining a proprietary system, reducing risk and speeding the time to market for new devices.

With more than 20 years’ experience in Linux engineering, SUSE is a recognized leader in open source operating system development. For medical device manufacturers that have been relying on unmanaged Linux distributions or proprietary operating systems, the switch to SUSE Linux Enterprise can help significantly speed development times and reduce the resources required to develop and maintain devices.

  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server can be used to help and assist medical device manufactures meet IEC 62304 software standards and documentation.
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise is developer friendly. Developer training and access to an ever-growing number of development resources are included with the operating system subscription.
  • SUSE support services speed your time to market. SUSE’s fast response to bug reports and technical issues help you avoid delays in development.
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise keeps your development costs low. Using a managed Linux distribution allows your valuable development resources to focus on critical development needs—not on maintaining the operating system.
  • Customer-friendly subscription model saves you money. SUSE offers a customer-friendly, convenient subscription model and will work with you to structure an agreement that fits your business.
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise is highly secure. SUSE Linux Enterprise provides the mission-critical stability required for medical environments including RTOS.
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise is proven stable. SUSE’s fast response to bug reports and technical issues help you avoid delays in development.
  • SUSE extended support covers your entire device lifecycle. SUSE offers 10 years of standard major version product support plus three years of extended support. Minor releases also have the industry’s longest long-term support lifecycle.
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