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Of the thousands of police and law enforcement agencies in the United States, nearly a third of them either have implemented body camera programs or will soon do so—and not just in big cities. The trend has picked up momentum in recent years, due to the reduced complexity of body camera technology, coupled with several high-profile officer-involved shootings and assaults.

The challenge is how and where to store all the footage. By some estimates, a large police department with an ongoing body camera program probably generates in excess of 10,000 hours of video every week. All that footage creates a two-fold problem. First, regular footage needs to be archived, sometimes for a set period of time before it can be discarded and sometimes on a permanent basis. And for police departments inundated with Freedom of Information Act requests, regular backups are critical. Second, for any footage deemed to be evidence, it needs to be tagged, secured, stored, backed up, and archived for easy retrieval when a case goes to trial—sometimes several years after the incident took place.

Learn why our open source storage software is the best solution for value, security, flexibility and scalability for your body camera storage requirements and how you should approach finding the right storage partner.

See how we solved the body camera storage issue in our Orchard Park Police Department Success Story.

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