A Closer Look

Select Services brings together the right services for rapid deployment of SUSE solutions. Working directly with a named team, Select Services helps you:

Jumpstart implementation
IT consultants who will help you to quickly design and deploy
Keep systems and solutions running smoothly
with premium engineers who will provide proactive maintenance, monitoring and support.
Business Demands
Meet changing business demands
who will advocate for your business, provide personalized account management, and keep you current on technology trends.


Select Services is a blended, 12-month, tiered offering that provides a number of benefits helping you realize rapid ROI. Available in three tiers, you choose the tier that gives you the level of service that best meets your business needs.

Key benefits include:

Direct Access to a Named Engineer

This technical expert not only knows the products, but also your IT environment and your business. They will help you get up and running quickly, address changing IT needs and be proactive so that you can get the most out of your technology investment.

Response Times Tailored to Your Business Requirements

IT disruptions can be costly to the business. That's why Select Services offers rapid response times of as little as 30 minutes.

Proactive Maintenance

To keep your systems running smoothly and up-to-date, your named technical expert will ensure maintenance and patch updates occur on a regular schedule.

Onsite Visits

Sometimes you need a technical expert to come on-site; sometimes it's just nice to put a face to a name. Select Services builds in that on-site time.

Consulting for Implementation and Knowledge Transfer

We know how important it is to get your IT and DevOps teams knowledgeable on new technologies. That's why we've included consulting and knowledge transfer in all three of the Select Services tiers.

Service Delivery Manager

Whether coordinating personnel, facilitating resolution times, or talking technology trends, your customer success manager will provide personalized account management.

SUSE Select Services Tier
Direct Access
Response Time
Hours of Access
Health Check / Patch Updates
Onsite Visits
Service Delivery Manager
15 Service Requests per year
1 hour
8 x 5 business hours
5 days
tier tier
30 Service Requests per year
45 minutes
8 x 5 business hours
Up to 2 days per year
10 days
tier tier tier
75 Service Requests per year
30 minutes
8 x 5 business hours
Up to 4 days per year
20 days
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IT Transformation is Hard—We Can Help

Partner with SUSE experts to accelerate business modernization. Address skills gaps with flexible training. Enjoy white glove technical support services directly from a named professional. Experience dedication, responsiveness and choice. Experience SUSE Global Services.

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Blended Services

Disruptive technologies help you stay ahead of your competition but can require new skills and resources. Select Services blends consulting and premium support services to jumpstart your modernization efforts.

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Training Services

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Premium Support Services

Extend your SUSE support with direct, named access to a resource who know you, your team and your infrastructure. Keep up with the pace of change and customer expectations, while still taking care of every day business.

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